Top Producer "Market Snapshot" - Worth the Investment?

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Hi, folks -

Would like your take on another "Instant CMA" product - Top Producer's Market Snapshot.  Click the link for more information, and a demo site (using, of course, the Top Producer templated website product).

The screenshots look rather impressive - a prospective seller can create a do-it-yourself CMA by entering a few facts about their house and location.  The pages that come up brand you, as the Top Producer licensee, and link directly to your local MLS, through their Top Connector software product.    They suggest with a link to contact you for more information, as you, the Top Producer License Holder, is the "Neighborhood Expert."

For sellers, the use is obvious.  On a whim, and without giving their name to a stranger, they can get an "estimate" of what their house is worth - although they are warned that their actual suggested listing and selling prices might vary widely from what the software proposes.  CYA, perhaps, but also a way to generate leads for the TP agent who subscribes to this service.

Buyers considering a property can generate comparable property data of sold houses nearby - to "justify" their offering price.  Buyers, and sellers, would have to "declare" if their intention is to buy or to sell.  This information, of course, is provided to the TP agent who subscribes.

Another feature allows you to send a link, via email, to clients in your database - a periodic "market checkup," if you will.

Subscribers to the Top Producer website product get a ready link to the Market Snapshot Launcher.  The sales rep told me those with other site providers (in other words, the vast majority of us real estate practitioners) can have the launch page framed in on one of their own pages.   On our site,, we would most likely  frame the page on our "Seller Toolkit" tab, "Free Home Evaluation" sub-menu.

The price per month ranges to $79.95 per month, less if bundled with other Top Producer products you might be licensing.  I figured my additional cost for the Market Snapshot product would be just over $68/month.

Top Producer used to limit the number of Instant CMA's your client can generate each month.  Now, the rep tells me, there is no such usage cap.

Conventional web wisdom tells me it will be tough to generate listing prospects directly from the web using this software - the overwhelming majority of your site's visitors are browsing for listings.  Therefore, would such software be a wise investment, or would a simple completion form alone, with data sent to the agent asking for a call back and in-person CMA, be just as effective?

I have used other Top Producer products going back to the mid-90's, and their System IV.  My relationship with these folks - love/hate.  Top Producer 7i has become very reliable, but their companion product, Top Producer 7i Remote, has, for me, been subject to crashes requiring patches and re-installation - three times thus far in 2007. 

My Team members like Top Producer Mobility, for the Palm, and like it - I had trouble with their first version of Palm-connected Top Producer software a few years ago and haven't retried.  Their available Broker Tools and Shared Assistant product is incredible, and has helped our admin staff really keep far better tabs on all Team member databases and mailing programs.

Please, share your thoughts on this with me, or propose alternate solutions, before Dean's Team "takes the plunge" with Top Producer Market Snapshot.

Thanks in advance!

Dean & Dean's Team Chicago



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Robyn Sekula
Keller Williams Realty Augusta Partners - Augusta, GA

I've looked into Market Snapshot as well. But, I'm a little hesitant. I've found with Top Producer's CMA software that my numbers vary from what I get when doing a CMA from the local MLS. Plus, if a Seller gets a do-it-yourself CMA (that's branded by me) and its way off, assuming overpricing, do I really want to be the agent that rains on their parade?

Just imagine with me for a moment:
Your on a listing appointment, the sellers are all excited to have you list their home due to the information they got off your website. (You're having a great day!) Then they inform you that they want to list their home for $10,000 over market value, because that's what your website said. Now, you have to explain you're why the information that you provided via your website and the e-mails that were sent out that look like they came straight from your desk, are wrong. hmmmm....
Not to mention that they've probably done this do-it-yourself CMA a week or so ago and have had a week to get excited enough to call you about the results. Now, you have come into their home and told them "Sorry, it won't sell for that much in this market". Of course they've probably already decided exactly how to spend that extra equity money and you're the person that just gave them a kick in the pants! (Not, such a good day.)

However, I'm not all negative. It really does look nice. It sounds great. I'm even considering giving it a shot myself. I know an agent in Texas that says she really likes it but, she's only had it two weeks. Plus, I've been very satisfied with the products I have from Top Producer, 7i and the website (

I could really see it being worthwhile, IF it's accurate. I'm in the same state of mind as you are right now; I'm sitting on the fence. I would be really interested to know what other's experiences have been.


Robyn Sekula
Keller Williams Realty Augusta Partners

Nov 28, 2007 05:28 PM #1
Sam White
College Station, TX
Integrated Marketing - Bryan College Station,

I too have a love/hate relationship with Top Producer. Today, the cup is less than half full.

Market Snapshot looks great but is light on accurate content. I would consider it again if it was $29/month instead of $79.

Good luck and have a great day.

Nov 28, 2007 10:19 PM #2
Dean Moss
Dean's Team - Keller Williams Realty Partners Chicago IL - Chicago, IL
Dean's Team Chicago IL Real Estate Team

Robyn from Georgia -

Thanks for your input!

Unlike other software of it's type, Market Snapshot spends less time "drawing conclusions."  They try to get the homeseller to call you for the price.  But, yes, I see, if it is provided by the software, it is almost invariably off.  Too high - they won't listen to your expertise.  Too low, they might not even want to talk with you.

Still on the sidelines here!

Will we see you at KW Family Reunion in Atlanta in February?

 Dean & Dean's Team

Nov 28, 2007 11:43 PM #3
Robyn Sekula
Keller Williams Realty Augusta Partners - Augusta, GA


Sorry, I won't be at family reunion. Wish I could be. I didn't sign up however man ages ago that we were supposed to make reservations.

I do have one idea I've been tossing around. Have you looked at the Microsites on your KW Site? I just figured out what it was a couple of days ago! I don't really use my KW site much, maybe I should. Anyway, If you don't or for the others that don't, the microsite is a totally unbranded little one page site. Mine is It doesn't offer much. You have 4 Choices: Find your REALTOR® now, determine your home's value, Search for a house today, and Get pre-approved - it's easy. Now each of these links sends the customer directly to a contact page where he/she is prompted to put in his personal info blah, blah, blah, and of course its e-mailed to you. He/she gets a little auto-generated e-mail that says you've been contacted regarding the request and you will contact them shortly.

It's very much like what Top Marketer offers with its post card mailers (minus the PIN number). But, You directly control everything that is sent out.

I think it would be worth a shot to have some post cards printed up and send them out to a farm just to see what the response is. See how many addresses you get back. You can also count the number of hits received on the site (via google analytics), if you don't advertise it anywhere other than your farm. (Don't submit to search engines, keywords, etc..) That will help you create a kind of demographic, how many are logging in and using the tool, how many are logging in but not submitting contact info, and how many submit phony info. This will give you another tool to explore your possibilities with Top Marketer. If they don't log into the Microsite, They probably won't log into Top Marketer's either. The only advantage Top Marketer would give you is already having info collected via the PIN numbers. On the other hand if a lead is unwilling to submit his contact info to you, is he a warm enough lead to bother with? Of course there is the obvious draw point to Top Marketer, the market reports, however, I don't feel that a market report I wouldn't feel comfortable standing behind is an advantage.

So, Here's the million dollar question:  What do you know about writing market reports?
Any help on this topic would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Robyn Sekula
Keller Williams Realty Augusta Partners

Nov 29, 2007 12:40 AM #4

any idea how many agents are using Top Producer these days ?



Jul 14, 2008 04:47 AM #5
Cindy Marty
Keller and Associates - Culver City, CA

Thanks for all the Top Producer questions y'all.

I'm very interested in purchasing for my web site, there is a special for $60 a month at the moment.

My hesitation is TP Market Snapshot references the MLS but no data outside the

MLS like Altos Research.  It it diffiuclt to present an overall picture without assessing the

entire market, however slick it looks we are not telling the consumer the entire, honest picture.


Jul 21, 2008 12:58 PM #6
Mike & Cindy Jones
Florida Homes Realty & Mortgage - Jacksonville, FL
Real Estate - (904) 874-0422 - Jacksonville, Fl

I'm currently trying Market Snapshot for the 30 day trial. I think most of the commenter's are failing to realize this products main purpose is to generate leads. The market snapshot gives prospects general info about the real estate market and then ask if they would like additional info .....via YOU



Dec 08, 2008 11:28 AM #7
Keith Burrhus - Houston, TX

Please look into this.  It may not be ready for your area yet, but I think it can change the way we think about preparing for a listing appointment in a fundamental way.  It truly fits the way a realtor needs to work.  I think it depends on the veracity of your mls.  I am from Houston mls and the data are pretty complete.


Jun 17, 2009 04:17 PM #8
Keith Burrhus - Houston, TX

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention.  Imho there is absolutely no way for someone other than a PROFESSIONAL to know how to price real estate.  NO POSSIBLE WAY!!  The professional is KNEE DEEP in the market, and has the right perspective to price real estate.  There are simply way too many factors to consider for any website to generate an instant CMA.  Ask yourself, how can a website know the exact location, upgrades, and the seller's situation?  Anybody ever heard the seller's situation over the phone, and then got to the real truth in person at the listing appt??  WE ARE A PEOPLE BUSINESS FIRST!  There is no possible way for a website to take the place of the REALTOR in terms of pricing property.  BUT today the professional needs to methodically:

1. Find the market   2. Put the property in the market   3. Present the market   4. Arrive at the appropriate price together with the seller

This can change the way you think about your markets!

Jun 17, 2009 04:30 PM #9
Holly White
Benchmark Realty, LLC - Brentwood, TN

FWIW, I have had the Market Snapshot widget embedded for the last year in the sidebar of my website which gets tons of traffic. I receive 5-7 leads per day in general by way of MLS registrations, and in the year since I have had the service on my site, not one single person has requested a report. I am reconsidering whether or not it's a total waste of money or a just a significant waste of money for my particular application.

Mar 04, 2010 12:14 PM #10
Monica Der
Beverly Hills, CA

The marketsnapshot has not gotten me any leads and I've had it for almost a year. The market snapshot contract is killer. If you sign up for a year, you may not cancel and if you want to "buy out" you can pay for half the remaining term, but they don't let you use the market snapshot after that. I still think the buyout was a good move on my part because it was like throwing money into the ocean!

Jul 12, 2010 10:12 AM #11
Karen Luke

Top Producer is not worth it all. Don't get it. I tried to cancel Market Snapshot after figuring out it  does not work the way they describe. They said the fine print says that our agreement is for a year. That's not what I was told. The account rep never mentioned that and I was never told that when I called for support. They said they would just turn my account over to collections if I didn't pay for the whole year. 

Don't do it. You will pay and pay and not get the results promised. 


Jul 28, 2010 07:35 AM #12
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