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                                                         WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!

     Don't fall for the Rich Dad Education Scam!  The way they scam people is they invite you to a free 2 hour seminar.  Okay, nothing is free!  Expect to get a sales pitch to attend their 3 day "training" course to learn the "How To" since the books teach theory and strategy but not real world practical advice from the "Experts" in real estate investing.

     You pay $495to attend the 3 day "training" and you get a work book and cd set by Robert Kiyosaki called "You Can Choose To Be Rich".  On his website www.RichDad.com this same product is sold for $599.  Okay great, already saving money!

     At the 3 day "training" you play the Cashflow 101 game on Day 1 to learn how much you don't know about real estate investing.  DUH! That's why you are there and paid $495 to learn what you didn't know.  Then they tell you how much you are going to learn and what you are going to learn tomorrow day 2.  They taught you how to increase your credit card limits and check your credit and this was to be done as soon as you got home.  Basically, day 1 was a waste of time. 

     Day 2 - They teach you how to do a owner financed transaction.  This is riddled with, "Am I increasing your real estate IQ?" throughout the day.  Then they spend almost 2 hours with the hard sell on additional education because you really didn't think you could learn everything in three days.  These additional education classes range from $8000 to $64,000 and these are discounted prices if you buy during the 3 days only!  After you pick yourself up off of the floor, you realize you've been had.  All of the "training" leads up to the selling of additional classes for even more money.  This is why they wanting you to increase your credit card limits on day 1. 

     Day 3- They started off the day by kicking out a person for not being in favor of their tactics.  Then they proceeded by ranting about being negative and negativity won't be tolerated.  What they really wanted to do is get rid of someone they couldn't sell and to try and stop them from convincing others from to buying into their scam.  So many people were turned off from day 2 that about half of the people came back for day 3.  They taught a little about foreclosures but they have another 3 day class that gets into more detail.  More money!  Then they talk about asset protection... using their company to create LLC's.  More money! and then the last hard sell push! 

     In reality, you pay $495 for a sales pitch!  You already recieved a workbook and cd set that had nothing to do with what they taught in the 3 days!

Don't fall for it!  Robert Kiyosaki should be brought up on charges for this scam!  If you don't believe me, check out www.ripoffreport.com and look under Wealth Intelligence Academy.  This is happening all over the country!  Help the public to stop this scam and email www.RichDadEducation.com , www.wiacademy.com , www.richdad.com , your attorney general!  Let's stop them together!

      This program should be called Rich Robert Poor Public!

David Slavin, ABR


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My husband and I just attended the 3 day class (we skipped the third day because we cannot stand the crap!). It is a total scam. The first free seminar was tease you into spending several hundred dollars for the 3 day seminar and this one is just a waste of time and money to tease you into the more than $10,000 each trainings!

We didn't learn ANYTHING that can be applied to make money. Yes, we did konw some terms, some "knowledge" about real estate. But if you sit back and think about it, what can you use it for? How much it helps to make money in real estate? 

I agree that if you had the money, just invest in a piece of real estate and learn from that. If the "Mentors" can earn $2000 an hour, why would they waste their time to do this class? I don't believe in the crap that god called him to do so. 

Don't let the people talk you down for what you do, a JOB or anything else. They spend all the time bragging about how rich they are, just to make you feel bad. But look at what they did after they become rich (out of your money)? they just lay on couch and try to make money on "uneducated" people. IF that is the life you want to choose, you better join their team to trick other "uneducated people" and imagine how can you tell a lie to your kids.


Apr 03, 2011 06:14 PM #140

Thanks for sharing your experiences. It saved me few hrs of my time and possibly money. I wanted to check it out their BS. Robert, Shame on you for stealing money from people.

May 20, 2011 11:09 AM #141
The Puppet Masters

SCAM ALERT June 1, 2011: I am angry at myself for falling for this. I spent $36,000 and lost my last savings to what I thought and hoped was my financial freedom.  Lee Escobar was THE PUPPET MASTER!  A Chaplain using this to gain your trust.

 I hope you all read this, cause they have to be stopped.  Kiyosaki MUST be held accountable as he receives money and puts his name on it.  I will continue to post as I gather my thoughts, lost dreams and self-esteem. Is there a group lawyer?  I want to be added.

 - Forced us to say OhYa after everything he said.

- Black list people if you don't sign up immediately. You CAN'T EVER ATTEND anything from them.

- Help U set up CC, so it will pay for ADV Training.

- FREE?  I had to pay for $199 for the Free Seminar, so I could listen to the Upsell.  Or else.  THEY LIE!

- only 1 bathroom break a day to keep you in your seat listening. 

- CANCELLATIONS: 3 DAYS OR ELSE YOU PAY!! Interesting that they have a cancel form ready, cause they KNOW a % with cancel and thats ok, cause the masses end up paying anyway.

- Teacher put "L" in front of his forehead, SAVINGS & 401K plans are for LOSERS.  Repeat After Me!

- Lee Escobar WON'T ANSWERS your questions, saying you are disruptive and STARES AT YOU UNTIL YOU SHUT UP OR LEAVE.

- Lee Escobar says hes a Chaplain and uses his preacher voice and claims he was sent here to help YOU!!

- Actual Training over 3 days: 2 hours  (NO QUESTIONS ALLOWED AT ALL)

...take the Cash flow game and copy the DEAL Cards and that's what they taught.

- Actual UPSELLING over 3 days: 22 hours

- Surveys ARE FIXED to make THEM LOOK GOOD!!

Lee has a Mobile home park development in a binder.  This binder was horrible, lacked content, was missing the plot location of the actual park, and ONLY showed you pictures of what a Mobile Home Looks like.  JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE IN CANADA that went thru the 32 Million dollar SNOW-JOB.  IF THIS GUY REALLY IS A MILLIONARE, these PROPOSALS would be Dynomite.  A fifth grader did this as a class-room project.  THERE WAS NO PLOT where it was going.  HE MADE IT UP!

Watch Robert Kiyosaki Admit he is having issues with learning partners





John T Reeds detailed list of why Robert Kiyosaki is a phony  Huge list here, about 30 pgs.  Even shows where the marines gave him a great Review even after he bashed the Marines


 "Law 27 - PLAY ON PEOPLE'S NEED TO BELIEVE TO CREATE A CULTLIKE FOLLOWING. Judgment - People have an overwhelming desire to believe in something. Become the focal point of such desire by offering them a cause, a new faith to follow. Keep your words vague but full of promise; emphasize enthusiasm over rationality and clear thinking.

Give your new disciples rituals to perform, ask them to make sacrifices on your behalf. In the absence of organized religion and grand causes, your new belief system will bring you untold power." (p. 215)

Law 32-Play to People's Fantasies

"The truth is often avoided because it is ugly and unpleasant. Never appeal to truth and reality unless you are prepared for the anger that comes from disenchantment. Life is so harsh and distressing that people who can manufacture romance or conjure up fantasy are like oases in the desert: Everyone flocks to them. There is great power in tapping into the fantasies of the masses."

- If Robert Kiyosaki & Kim Kiyosaki were sitting there, it would be a TOTTALLY DIFFERENT Seminar.  OR WOULD IT?  PLS MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE, their names are on the game cash flow and supports this group by receiving Millions of dollars.

WhenI go to Tony Robbins, I know I'm going for a motovational speach, here we are all Blind sided.  We thought it was a Basic Training to Real Estate.  LIARS!!

- Warns against using Realtors for anything, DUH, caused most of its illegal.

- did you know every teacher has experience is Motovational speaching to church masses.

- why do I have a motovational bracelet?  Failure is not an Option? 

I may not be like LEE ESCOBAR (BENT-Lee), but atleast I have MY Morals.


Tag words: SCAM Tigrent Learning Rich Dad Poor Sucker Robert Kiyosaki Kim Kiyosaki Lee Escobar

Jun 20, 2011 04:37 AM #142
Bill Mount Vernon

Raegan and his tax "simplification" act took most of the profit out of owning rental real estate and two hundred people selling get rich courses flooded the market with sucker who bought into it and are now renting their properties at desparation rents hoping to hang on long enough to sell without losing all their money.  There is something to be said for owning a single fourplex or 3 or four houses in a decent area, but count on putting a bit of your own time and not making money the first four years. 

Jun 26, 2011 12:09 PM #143
Dare and Do

Some people need to wake up and realize we live in a world of possibilities, in a world where we reap what we sow, in a world where what you get what you put into it. 

The laws of cause and effect;

The effect:      Being broke at retirement or dependant on family, friends or the gov.

The cause:       Having had the opportunity to design my destiny I chose to play it safe and follow the masses or follow the herd. (Quite possibly over the cliff)

Albert Einstein when asked what he believed insanity is said this; insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.


You know I've involved in real estate for a long time, about 20yrs. Involved as realtor helping people buy and sell, working with investors, doing appraisals and mortgages. I had gone to other trainings on real estate investing. I guess i was too young and dumb for choosing not to get into investing myself. I wanted to be great at selling and did.

I'll tell you what; I completely had an S mentality for soooo many years. I went to the 3 day seminar and Lee Escobar was doing the training.   You know what, even though I've been involved with real estate most of my life; a lot of the stuff taught by Lee, blew my mind. Some of it I knew before, but it hadn't really clicked how the strategies could be used. 

All I know is that absolutely education, desire and focused action can accomplish great things.

For all of you who think, it is a scam, especially the real estate agents; how many of you actually know any of the techniques Lee talks about and have used them either to buy property or to help someone buy property?  I had, but almost always for my clients.

If nothing else that I learned and will keep is the reality that today is a new day, that yesterday’s events and statistics of how I view my reality and myself; do not have to determine how I choose today that my life will be tomorrow.  Wake up today is a new day for everyone. If you're stuck in the rat race and have forgotten how to dream, don't be a dream stealer. Let people dream and follow their dreams. THE ONLY WAY TO GET THERE IS BY DESIRING TO FOLLOW AND CHASING THAT DREAM, LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. Because it does. Some day you might wake up and realize 10, 20, 30 yrs, a life time has gone past you and the dreams you might of at one point had vanished with the grains of time.   What has the highest risk, risking losing your money now and always living the life you live now, ( if you are already rich, I mean you have money, freedom of time to work or not work or work for free, health and peace of mind, does not apply to you), sometimes struggling for certain things, at the mercy of the "economy" (others) or the weekly paycheck,  or waking up one day when your old and grey and thinking back, I could have done this or could have done that, even worst having family or friends in need and thinking if I would've done that today could be soo different.

Better to lose the time and money on learning how to not only chase my dream but how to catch it, and not get it, than ever having the regret of not risking money on my life because of FEAR.

The training was great; I learned a lot of tools to use for investing and also for my clients.

Last thing, if you think about it, actors get paid lots of money because they are worth it according to our dollars that pay them.  And you know great actor is just another way of saying great liar.

I'll tell you what; if all of this is a scam and Lee is a liar then that means he is a great actor. If help fund great Hollywood actor's bank accts, why not Lee Escobar?  

If all of this was just snake oil they were selling, and blowing everybody's mind through this spill.

As a sales pro, that was an awesome performance, i should learn to sell like that. If nothing else, but to learn to do that in my business, it's worth the 2 or 3 hundred bucks at least. Excellent sales job, if that is all it was. (I know i learned a lot.)

Lee, I was at your show this past week end, you were awesome, my hat goes off to you and the team that was there, you get a standing ovation, cuz I was inspired!



P.S. this might be or might not be a scam, the network marketing companies ;might or might not be a scam, all the training and courses on investing stocks or real estate or cars or whatever might be a scam. What I do now is that in most of those things, while some folks complain and cry because they've been scammed, a few others from the same "scam" learned, applied and arrived at financial freedom. So scam or not you choose what you want. If you can still dream, if you still want to change your life, choose to ignore the cries saying come with us of the herd or the masses as they go over the cliff.

If not this do something to change your financial future, there are a lot of different vehicles.



Nov 10, 2011 06:19 AM #144

HOW SAD!! for all of you who try to "promote scams" like "rich dad"... tell me? what's YOUR purpose ;] lol no hard feelings friends. just wanted to say that practice what you preach dave- jim- and also nancy. i'm pretty sure you have to be willing to "learn" to be rich in order to do so... my question to you DAVE JIM AND NANCY- is have you even been to the program for real ? didn't think so... at least if you did ya didn't pay much attention. or you pretended to be fed by a golden spoon? ---- here's the truth.

i went-

i learned-

now i'm rich... yes that means i don't have to work and i have positive cash flow coming IN and has more than 10000000000 times over paid for my 500 dollar training (which i would have paid more for)

peace bitches.

Nov 18, 2011 07:03 AM #145

Thanks for this post! I almost went today to a two hour free seminar here in Puerto Rico. Most, definately, I will not waste my time in this.

Dec 14, 2011 06:47 AM #146

I just finished the 2nd day of the 3 day seminar in San Jose - it is a total waste of time and money. When i went to the free seminar i had a feeling that this is a scam but i bought into it - and i found my intuition to be true. You spend most of the time during the seminar subjecting yourself to the most aggressive sales techniques i ever witnessed. 

They devide people into the Left and Right (Poor employees vs Rich investors). Their game is to convert people from Left to Right - which means basically to buy their outragously priced courses. Anyone who is "negative" is considered a Left. They will work on resolving any internal resistance or doubts you have with their program. The instructor is having you write "I will xxxx" statement all day to inject his wills into class attendees to make them think that that they made those self-claims. Guess what? "I will enroll in Rich Dad advanced training" is one of the statements! They will play with your head. They will make you think that all you have to do to become a millionaire (and you "must" become one, "failure is not an option") is to buy their advanced training course. You will have to be very strong to say no. I felt sorry for some of the people in the room who are desperate enough to fall for this scam. These poor people need help!

If you want to sell expensive courses, why not make an honest advertisement and say it upfront? This brainwash that they are using is hard to resist so i suggest DO NOT SUBJECT YOURSELF TO THIS 3 DAY SALES PITCH! 

To be fair, they do provide a very minimal of actual real estate materials just to keep people interested in the advanced training. Most time is invested in motivational speaking and agressive sales.

Shame on you Robert for doing business like this and making money from saking the poor!

Jan 07, 2012 05:57 PM #147
I attended the 3 day seminar for $199 and got a nice bit of useful information that I applied and easly got my money back. They were a bit pushy to buy additional classes and mentors but I understand that your not going to go take over the world with a $199 3-day real estate education. I personal think everyone crying about how poorly the event was will never be financially successful, but someone has to be the nine to fiver.
Feb 06, 2012 03:56 PM #148
I agree with John, nothing is wrong with Roberts approach or his fundamentals I've been investing in real estate without Roberts education but I learned it on my own and researched also I went to my local real estate investment club and got a mentor for $Free.99.... Wisen up people at the end of that seminar the only thing that transcends in my mind is I would never give my life to a. J O B. So what don't the classes but do apply the mindset....
Apr 06, 2012 12:17 PM #149

I am on Day 2 of the 3-day "training" for which I paid $199, which I thought was not too bad, did not rob me since I did learn a few things.  However, I regret waiting until I had one more day left (about to take place in a matter of hours, since I'm up late on the internet...) to google Alan Swails, the self-purported multi-millionaire trainer, who never mentioned the name of his business entity (which I found curious - DBAs are searchable) and claims he "likes to drive fast," yet from his appearance, I just could not imagine him racing Dale Earhardt Jr. as he said he did, not in his shape.  Also, he spoke like a 'perfect Southerner' - sloooow.  It drove me nuts, since I'm a native New Yorker and we talk fast!  Anyway, I must've searched 10 pages of google to find what I'm about to reveal...  He kept talking about how his wife of 28 years spends his money, how much he loves his three kids, loves indulging her, etc.  He also said that he was a "video minister," whatever that was, made himself out to be this Pat Robertson type conservative Christian with boat loads of money, whose widowed mother happened to (re-)marry someone with boat loads of money just like his first daughter who also married into money.  But of course they all married for character and love, didn't care about money.  He taught his kids well, because of money.  Of course I got green with envy... who wouldn't want to financially care for their kids the way he claimed he has?  And what woman wouldn't want a husband who lets her buy $10K window treatments?  But hey - even Robert's wife, Kim Kiyosaki "works"...  SOooo [drum roll] check this out-- http://bit.ly/HJIkCV.  THIS is most definitely the same Alan Swails I've been listening to speak the last two days and here is a photo of his WIFE-TO-BE as of December 2010!!!  I've wasted a weekend away from my fantastic children and husband to hear a bunch of stories when I thought I was upgrading my financial IQ!  The only thing true about what this man said is his love for golf (definitely has golfer's body) - I found his name is in small print on a local GA newsletter for his "Double Gate #4" achievement.

Apr 14, 2012 04:42 PM #150
Mike Jaw

I was ripped off for 7000 dollars that was supposed to give me training, it ended up being the most wastful dollars I ve ever spent. If I only had read all the rich dad scam reports and tigrent scam reports I would probably have been a richer happier person today.

Nov 27, 2012 04:06 AM #151

Take it easy already people. You really thought you were going to learn a career in 3 days and for only$495. You fooled yourself for even thinking this was the case. Let me state I do not know nor do I represent the above mentioned "scammers" the author is referring to.

I attended this 3 day course and got exactly what I expected. A quick education  on what I don't know about real estate. Sometimes this is the only way to begin an education. Once I realized what I didn't know I could then take steps to either 1> Pay someone to educate me, a service warranting an expectation of payment (Rich Dad or one of the other dozens of classes out there on real estate) Or I could 2> Take it upon myself to do research and educate myself on the skills of real estate investing and make a go of it on my own.

Either way I think the 3 day seminar was very upfront with their motives. They were thereto give me a BASIC education on the types of real estate investing, strategies, pitfalls, etc. Almost all of the information they gave would be beneficial to a new investor and someone with little real estate experience, such as myself.

If you were thinking this was  $500 easy way to get rick I think you may have only convinced yourself of that. And paying for education isn't a novel idea people. HOw much did a certain author pay to become a r/e agent? COllege? Vocational school? etc.....

Im sorry you didn't get your $500 worth but Im pretty sure most of the people I bothered to ask (most people there) felt they learned a good/great deal of helpful information to send them in the right direction. Whichever direction they choose.

The person who was asked to leave....Im glad. I paid my money to make up my own mind and surround myself with positive thinkers. THe skeptics that are unwilling to see the positive don't do me any good and are always the first to give up! (Test that theory on your own but they always give up and try to get followers)

I didn't purchase their expensive plans becasue I believe the information they teach is readily available if you are creative and willing to do the homework. Especially in this digital era of infomration and technology. I also found a mentor of my own and one I didn't have to pay for. Its called making friends and not the facebook kind.

On a side note I thought it was VERY low pressure sales and I was not offended in the slightest. If I apply only one of their techniques they tought me those 3 days Im sure I will save myself $500 somewhere along the line by avoiding a costly rookie mistake. (And there was my silver lining that the skeptic one never gained)

Im sorry your expectations of a world class real estate education was only $500. My degree cost me over $150K and I don't even use it. Now talk about a scam.................


Some guy who took the class and saw the positive and was smart enough to know I could teach myself for less than 30,000 dollars.

Aug 29, 2013 04:40 AM #152
Ted, I agree with you. I learned a lot in the 3-day training and no I did not go for the more expensive elite training. But what I learned I feel was worth the time. The training I took this past weekend was taught by Alan Swails. I thought he was condescending at times. However, he did impart a lot of knowledge about asset protection (I did not know that an LLC was not enough). He also informed about how store credit cards reduce your credit score. While as you said some of this information is readily available but if you don't know to look for them, this class was worth the time. I like you am now looking for local real estate investment courses that I can take.
Mar 02, 2014 06:21 AM #153
Michael Gunn

I think that you all need to listen more work harder and complain less. Alan showed me how to be financially free by opening my eyes to real estate. I bought the rich dad classes and training, spent around 12k on them, I have made checks as high as 84,000 down to 2,000. It's all about the effort you're willing to put forward. I'm 29 years old and have made over 200k from wholesaling alone the last 5 years consecutive. It's true what they say, only 1% of people that take the training will succeed. That is because everyone else us looking fur the next get rich quick sceam.
Thank you Alan Swails and Robert Kiyosaki as well as all of there trainers that have helped me.

Mar 18, 2015 12:21 PM #154
401k Millionaire An Academy Su

This site helped me out...

401k Millionaire An Academy Success Training Course - http://lax115.401KM.hop.clickbank.net/

Sep 08, 2015 05:59 PM #155
401k Millionaire An Academy Su

Interesting post...

I also recommend this: http://lax115.401KM.hop.clickbank.net/

it really works..

Sep 08, 2015 05:59 PM #156
Susan Paul
RA - Longwood, FL

I signed up for  the 3 day workshop in Orlando,11/13-11/15, however I lasted for 2 days only. I was lucky that I read these reviews before falling into the big trap. I lost $200 and my time plus I had a major migrane! the guy talks for hours and most of it is unneccesary talk, there are a couple of good points here and there but like most people have mentioned , they can be googled at your convinience without the expenses. He tries to gain your confidence by starting with his personal sad story and all along his objective is to make the audience belive that their system is bullet proof and all of us sitting there know nothing. Please do not waste your time.

Nov 16, 2015 04:00 AM #157

Has anyone had experienced withAdvanced Real Estate Education seminars -- real or scam?

Mar 30, 2016 12:52 PM #158

Sandy, I'm attending this seminar this coming weekend dispite the comments below. Education is not free, nothing is but I'd rather take a chance and see for myself then to lists to nay Sayers. If your current situation isn't working out, look for something new. I hope to see you there.

Jun 01, 2016 07:47 AM #159
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