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Hey ActiveRainers,

Quick question - can you name this (slightly edited) tune?


If you want to view paradise...
Simply look around and view it...
Anything you want to, do it.
Want to change the YOUR world? 
There's nothing to it.

We'll begin...With a spin...
Traveling in the world of my YOUR creation...
What we'll see...Will defy...

There is no...Place to go...
To compare with your imagination...
So go there...
To be free...
If you truly wish to be.

Living there...
You'll be free...
If you truly wish to be.



Pure Imagination, lyrics sung by Willy Wonka - portrayed by the legendary and late Gene Wilder (June 11th, 1933 - August 29th, 2016) - should resonate with you on both personal and marketing levels. 

Too often, we get "stuck" regurgitating sterile, generic blandness - in life and the professional world.

Life's too short to settle for the mediocre, the mundane and the trite.

Get creative.
Get outside the box.
Get that imagination revving.
Get a free trial of a 5-Star "Money Making" marketing platform.

And, consequently, transcend expectations.


With that said - we're dishing out some quirky suggestions (+ practical tools).
Treat a promising lead and/or successful client to some easy-on-the-wallet grub, or just reach out with a unique email, text or call inspired by each special "holiday" below (see "Notable days for reaching out").

 Hi there,

____ here. You've been so generous with your time this year, and I’d like to express my gratitude in a special way.

*DATE is *HOLIDAY and I’d really like to celebrate it with you.
This way we can catch up over a delightful snack instead of just texting and emailing. My schedule is pretty flexible – let me know what works best for you and I’ll schedule something in a jiffy.
[Insert SELLERS or BUYERS target segment here].

[While I’m at it, I’ll bring along some printed home values and home care resources as extra food for thought (no pun intended). I like to consider myself your one-stop shop for all things real estate. I hope you will, too].

[While I’m at it, I’ll bring printed details about homes and properties that might be up your alley. I’ve been doing some extra research for you and would love your feedback to confirm whether or not I’m on the right track].

Cheers and bon appétit,


September also marks Self Improvement Month - what better way to boost your sense of self (+ your business reputation) than incorporating warmth, creativity and positivity into your marketing? The weekly tips and guideline below are designed to help you fully realize and achieve just that.

FYI - need tailored email marketing content specific to message(s) you want to get across (whether it's featured on your website, via email, over the phone, at open houses, etc)? Trial and paying customers may submit requests to us directly, at any time, and we’ll draft whatever you need, in a jiffy.



* WEEKS I & 2:
Kick off September with more one-on-one conversations over the phone (shoot for 4 each week).

Coherently and smoothly navigate through conversations with:
Phone Script for Seller Lead Outreach

Open House Follow-Up Phone Script

- Notable days for reaching out: 
September 1st: National Cherry Popover Day 
September 5th:
Cheese Pizza Day
September 6th:
Read a Book Day – recommend some quality reading (i.e.- market trends via Seller’s
                                                          Corner, articles on fall decorating or early holiday planning, community
                                                          events, homeowner maintenance in preparation for winter season, etc.)

* BONUS WEEK 2 Tip: Heads Up All You Listing Agents!

Seller's Corner (+ your personal writers at PropertyMinder) will help you secure one, or more, listing(s) within a few months.

A few must-haves to generate more Listings:
- Automated reminders via Seller's Corner that YOU are the neighborhood expert.
- Effective Email To Convince Sellers To Choose YOU
- Ensure Pricing Is The Sweet Cherry-On-Top
- Easy Phone Script to Navigate Conversations
- Useful Home Staging Checklist
- Friendly Touching Base With Packing




* WEEK 3:
Keep yourself social and engaged.
Experiment with, and ultimately master, the art of ‘selfies’, hastags, status updates and more. Earn more likes and followers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites by implementing some of the best social media practices.

- Notable days for reaching out:
September 11th:
9/11 Anniversary/Memorial/Remembrance
Grandparents Day

September 12th: Chocolate Milk Shake Day

September 13th:
National Peanut Day
Fortune Cookie Day - intermittently post inspirational words on social media.
 Positive Thinking Daysend out an inspirational meme or quote that’s caught your eye

                            (share on social media - tweet, post on FB, via email, post somewhere at the office, etc.)

September 14th:
National Cream-Filled Donut Day

September 16th:
Working Parents Day

* BONUS WEEK 3 TIP: Heads Up Buyers Agents!
Essential Buyer resources you need:
- The AccelerAgent CRM to stay in touch with your contacts.
- Short, engaging buyer email marketing material to habitually send out.
- Listing Alerts and our NEW easy-to-use Map Search




* WEEK 4: 

Focus on 2 infamously overlooked facets of your marketing: properly scheduling and formatting mass emails, and polishing your websitee. Want to see email marketing CRM system in action? Our team is standing by for a quick LIVE demo!


- Notable days for reaching out:
September 18th:
National Cheeseburger Day 
September 18th:
Wife Appreciation Day

September 19th:
International Talk Like A Pirate Day 
                             - Create your own jokes/sentences with inclusive pirate lingo resources.
                             - How much do pirates charge for ear-piercings? A buckaneer.

                            - Why can't pirates learn the alphabet? 'Cause they spend years at C.
National Butterschotch Pudding Day

September 20th:
National Punch Day - the drink, not the bag - cheers!

September 21st:
International Peace Day
Miniature Golf Day (Our VP of Sales & Marketing, Tawd Frensley, is an epic golfer.
                                                            Check out his website , sometime!)

                              World Gratitude Day

September 22nd:
Autumn EquinoxFall Begins!

                                                             Send out weather-related home care resources via Homebrella!




* WEEK 5:

Call or text 2 loyal clients and/or promising prospects, and spark a friendly conversation. 
Sometimes a simple: 
Hi, how are you?  and/or quick, friendly pitch, goes a long way. Ask how they've been (plans to travel, retirement, kids off to college, vacation ideas, etc.) 

Halloween is a few weeks away.
Save yourself time next month. Set up an email marketing campaign with this quick greeting:

Subject Line: Be A Fearless Fall Homeowner

All Hallow’s Eve is here.

Regardless of whether or not you celebrate this holiday, here’s hoping your home is not the target of any tricks involving eggs, pumpkins, or the dreaded toilet paper.

May your days be filled with nothing but treats, thrills and safety.

Speaking of safety, remember to head over to my website and browse through my carefully endorsed list of trusted home care (Hint: see specialists for any and all of your repairs, renovations and general assistance. We are, after all, heading into the fall and winter season.

Take care,

Also remember: the more you know about people, the better equipped you are to meet their needs. At some point, remind them that you have answers to ALL of their real estate needs (
home values, home care, home improvement, sales, relevant community events, etc.). 

- Notable days for reaching out:
September 27th: Oktoberfest begins in Germany


September 28th: Ask a Stupid Question Day
National Good Neighbor Day - stay the neighborhood expert by continuing to share

                                                                                 neighborhood activity via Seller's Corner to stay top-of-
                                                                                 mind with homeowners (they'll want to sell with you!)


Summer's come and gone.
Let's make folks Fall in love with you,
your business and unique resources,

PropertyMinder Marketing




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