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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I have a question for those who may have some experience with Titanium Solutions.  I have never heard of the company but they are soliciting for Realtors in North Dakota.  Has anybody heard of them.  Are they legit or another company to stay away from.  clyde


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I signed up with TS because one of my fellow agents had worked with them for a long time and was pleased.  This must have been before the 'buy out'.  I was told they had a 'ton of stuff' for me and others to work on. 

They now pay only $20 for 3 attempts with no contact, $35 if there is contact but no interest and $60 for a warm transfer.  And if you think you'll actually get the $135 for getting financials, scanning and uploading them think again.  I've yet to get any response from TS on why. I've never gotten any response from them on anything I've asked and other agents I've worked with are saying the same thing. But apparently if the home owner does not get the modification you don't get paid except for contact with no financials.  A rip off for all the effort you put into it.  Not to mention what the home owner must feel.

Perhaps they were fine in the past -- but agents don't deal with these people -- I think you'd make more money not to mention better contacts working for Target or Wal Mart.  TS complains in e-mails about not meeting certain 'numbers', (I suppose these are listings and higher paying events).  Seriously, if you treat people right - agents and home owners - maybe those numbers would go up.

Oct 18, 2010 01:14 AM #97
Texas Joe
Austin, TX

The way I understand it, Titanium's "Angle" to realtors is for the referral to a distressed homeowner who may want to sell; frankly the whole thing makes me money and if you think your are going to acutally make a profit, guess again.

Oct 23, 2010 08:51 AM #98

Wow...I can't believe how many people have got the purpose of Titanium Solutions and the HRC's wrong. I am an HRC. Have been for 4 months. I am a realtor. Yes, I signed up with Titanium to help their clients' (the banking institutuons) reach homeowners that they can not reach. In most of my assignments, the goal is to have the homeowner call the telephone number at the bank that the bank has provided. The reason is so that the bank can offer a possible loan modification. If the homeowner does not qualify for a loan mod, or if the homeowner is just 'done', than yes, I hope to get the listing (someone is going to get it...). As an HRC, I am trying to help. I can and do objectively give the homeowner all of their options. If you are a homeowner and you are reading my post, please keep in mind that the HRC that is being paid from $8.00- $60.00 to contact you (big woop) IS NOT there to collect money, and their main objective is to help keep you in the home. Be nice to your HRC (Home Retention Consultant) They are there to try to help you. If they can't help you with a loan mod, than yes, they would like to help you short sell your house. A short sale is better for you than a foreclosure.

As for the pictures we take, the assignment comes from Titantium at the request of the Banks who hold the loans. They have the right to take pictures of the properties. They/we are not breaking the law by photographing the property. It is not meant to be threatening. I for one take my pictures very discreetly. The picture is only to document the property. That it exists. To document the condition...

Oct 26, 2010 04:15 PM #99
Donna Jones

Titanium Solutions is bogus.  Someone called me after Christmas trying to harass me about my current lender.  The cell phone number of the caller is 240-764-7973 and I'm filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs and the police department.  How did they get my phone number?  Someone at my mortgage company either sold my personal information or a worker is on the inside doing business under the table to collect cash by notifying Titanium of homeowners personal information. 


They got the right one now. 

Dec 27, 2010 05:36 AM #100

I am surprised at all the negativity on here. First of all, the Realtors that work with Titanium Solutions and show up at your door are there because their lender has sent them there to qualify you for a government program that will get you a loan modification at no cost to you. How is that bad? If you end up unable to save your home still, then the best thing you can do to avoid foreclosure is a short sale, and so they will help you do that. How is that bad? I understand these homeowners are in distressed economic situations and that doesn't always bring out the best in people. They are angry already and then when somebody shows up at their door to help them, they are ready to bite.

Jan 18, 2011 12:54 PM #101
Friendly Realtor

I'm in the Los Angeles area.  I have been with TS for about 4 months and am going to drop out of the program.  Not cost effective at all.  3 trips out to the property within 48 hours, uploading photo(s) filling out the reports all for a measely $ 20.  Doesn't even pay for the gas much less your hours.  If you think the people who answer the door are going to drop what they're doing, call the bank for a loan mod, can't get it and then turn around and give you the short sale listing, you better have another think coming.  You'll be lucky if they don't chase you off the property, which happened to me last month.  I want my $ 120 set up/background check fee back.

Feb 11, 2011 09:01 AM #102

Titanium Solutions is comprised of exhiled general managers & exhiled vice presidents of the larger banks, lending institutions.  They exist primarily out of politics.  Sending referrals for now a "middle" man to make a profit and even have realtors invest in a class to "solidify" their purpose and then send referrals.  The general consensus has been Titanium Solutions is without ethics and only those with the same unit with them and they perish too.  Absolutely duck out of their way, should you see them coming.

Feb 13, 2011 04:38 PM #103

I started with Titanium Solutions last summer.  One of my fellow agents had been working with them for a couple of years.  She was pleased with them. All the assignments I have been given were to see if the defaulting loan could be reinstated.  The first visit I made turned out to be to an owner who had died two months earlier - probably not interest in a loan modification! The next person had already been given the option of 'cash for keys' by someone else. A couple others just didn't answer the door. But one person was interested in getting the loan reinstated even though the lender had actually foreclosed (but had not filed the Deed Under Power).  All financials were collected and the lender decided that they would not accept one form of income and denied the reinstatement. On my end Titanium recorded that I had NOT collected financials and only paid me for making contact-$35 instead of $135. 

My last assignment was in November last year.  I logged in recently to see what was going on - I'd done this regularly - only to find out that my account had been deactivated.  I didn't even make enough money to recoup the $120 sign up fee.  There was no explaination.  TS is very poor about communicating with the agents once you sign up and pay.  Having to make 3 trips out to a house in a short period of time for $20 if they don't answer and $35 if they do is not a cost effective activity.

Titanium Solutions is only after the money - the agents or the lenders.  If you're looking to make a little extra money and maybe get some leads, you'd be better off working at Wal Mart.

Feb 21, 2011 11:29 AM #104

I've done work for them for over 2 years and are done with them. They give you assignments that the bank can't get in touch with and expect you to keep knocking to get them to talk to you and if they don't they pay you $20. On short sales they say they help and all they do is to call to see when they get paid. Property inspections.... for a whole $7 TS expects you to trespass, talk to tenants if property is rented, take pictures and if you can go inside take more pictures, and of damage... for a whopping $7. woowhoo! I can do a property inspection for 25 taking 1 picture and answer about 10 questions. TS says any of your family can do these too. How legal is that? i think not and when I said something to the district manager he said it was legal and thank you but all assignments were taken. I told him I wouldn't do them anyway.

I'll stick with BPO's . Those companies deal with you straight forward.

Feb 22, 2011 11:27 AM #105

Just had a Titanium Rep show up at my front door. Wrong approach guys!!! I just went through a modification attempt with Wells and talked to them 5 hours earlier. Then here's this rep saying he's from Wachovia and he's here to help. Well if he's from Wachovia why didn't they tell me earlier. I told him to have the bank call to set up an appt and I would talk to him. He said he just needed to get some information and handed me his card. I told him have the bank call and set up an appt., closed the door and locked it.

Lesson to TS reps...DON'T LIE! I've sold my fair share of items door to door and was a Realtor for 3 years. I know how tough it can be but never ever lie. If the rep at my door would have said he was a modification/short sale specialist, that he found my listing on the county clerks website, that he had some ideas that may help me and handed me a flyer to give him some credibility, I would have talked to him or set up an appt to talk to him in more detail. My number one rule is never trust someone who comes to my door until they do something to gain my trust. When the first thing that comes out of your mouth is a lie...you lose!!!! Additionally, I have really really learned NOT to trust the bank. They don't want to help and they've proven it for the last 18months as I've tried 3 modifications. You tell me that your here on behalf of the bank, my first inclination is to think yeah right. You lose again.

An hour earlier my wife and I were talking about getting a realtor and putting the house up for short sale. This guy just blew his chance at the listing...because he lied. Now that I know what he does, he's the guy I'm looking for BUT HE LIED SO HE LOSES!

Apr 06, 2011 01:38 PM #106

Steve- Titanium has contracts with various lenders to contact deliquent home owners and offer options.  The person that knocked on your door was doing so per Titaniums instructions ie. Wachovia.  He didn't lie or get your info from public records.  You're assumptions are incorrect. 

Aug 11, 2011 04:44 PM #107
Dr. Nigel "Doc" Johnson

I had one of my clients call me earlier this week and tell me that someone from Titanium called them and spoke to them. They were told that they would be receiving a package via FedEx regarding options for retention of their home and that they would contact them by the end of the month to make arrangements to get the package returned. 2 days later a rep from Titanium shows up at their home, My client felt as though they were lied to and feels very uncomfortable with Titanium.

Titanium might be legit, but thus far their tactics do not set well with me or my client.

Sep 10, 2011 04:43 PM #108

I worked for Titanium for 3 years or better yet I was a slave for them for 3 years and I quit 2 weeks ago! Their expectations are unreasonable and the Bank of America assignments are a joke!! The expect you to show up un-announced to peoples homes to collect a Ton of Documents which normally the Home Owner does not have ready, then you have to go back over and over again, only to Fed-Ex them into Titanium and be told all of the documents aren't there, you have to go collect them again!! No matter how much you send in, they never have a complete package according to Titanium! I did 61 of these last month and just threw in the towel, I was paid 20 to 35.00 for each one not even the 55.00 I was promised, I haven't even been paid on most of them yet from August!!! It's a total scam, they are not helping people and they are scamming their HRC's! My area Manager quit 6 months ago and he warned me of this!! Bank of America does contract them but look at who we are dealing with here!!! I totally believe they are helping no one but themselves. BOA gets more money from the Federal Govt. to pretend to help and the Titanium Execs, make tons of money off of their field slaves!! Considering I was using my car, my gas, my paper, my ink, my time, I think I might have been making minimum wage after they kept screwing me!!! Beware of Titanium--Homeowners and Realtors, even if you are desperate for work , it is not worth it!!!

Oct 08, 2011 02:36 AM #109


I do advise Real Estate Agents against working with Titanium Solutions. They are a very unorganized business and they change rules as they go. They give you an assignment, you go and pick-up the paperwork and send it over to them.  Sometimes they lose it, sometimes it ends up with missing paperwork a month later.  When you call in to talk to their Customer Service like I did today telling her what's going on and she's trying to tell me the way it should be.  NOT LISTENING AT ALL!  When you send the paperwork they say is missing from the file it takes them forever to get it into the files if it ever gets into the file.  The Area Manager isn't doing anything to help I called and copied him on missing items.  They also pay you what they want to regardless of what they show you will be paid. Like, my Area Manager told me "we're in business to sell homes". Like, President Obama said "a couple of bank are still not working with his program".  I'd like to know who's big ideal it was to give the job of collecting paperwork for loan modifications to a company that only wants to sell the homes!!!!
Nov 09, 2011 08:14 AM #110
Marc-central florida realtor

to all Realtors: use your head, this company is  questionable at best

Homeowners:  run don't walk from Titanium and third party knights in shining armor. Remember, the road to hell is paved with good intention. My advice is find a good Realtor for consultation and be cautious about paying for an attorney. I short sold two of my personal properties based on my short sale experience as a Realtor and didn't pay an attorney a dime. Ask friends for a referral and hire someone you feel comfortable with and who is willing to put in a lot of time with you. Most Realtors want to sell your home quick and this may not be the best strategy for you

Best of luck to all in their attempts to get out from under their loans. The banks have screwed the working man and destroyed the Florida real estate market.  Funny that banks will sell homes to investors but not allow the homeowner to let a family member buy the home.  Homes are being sold for less than the build price and banks don't want to lend people money to buy them? I have seen many banks take investor cash offers over legit owner occupied offers.

The banks have stolen Americans homes and jobs just to make a buck and our gov't bails them out? The banks continue their scams and no one seems to care. Titanium is a perfect fit in this travesty.

I wonder what life will be like in this country in 20 years? I guess capitalism is truly survival of the fittest, so we all better get to the gym :-)

Nov 18, 2011 03:35 PM #111
Bettina Settles
Greenwood, IN
Your Indiana Connection

Tammy in my office just helped a borrower and here is what happend;

I went to "Mr Smiths' house, knocked on the door and surprise, he answered.  I introduced myself as an HRC from Titanium Solutions, explained the purpose of my visit.  He listened intently and became more and more interested as I continued.  He thought the idea was terrific as he was getting back on his feet again. 

I love learning where people are from when I hear an accent.  So, I asked:  Where are you from?  He replied:  Russia.  Funny how small the world is, and I shared a brief snip it of my trip and we carried on a nice conversation.  I gave him the paperwork and we set a return time for me to pick up the paperwork. 

I arrived at his house, the papers were all signed and completed to specs.  I immediately went to my local Fed Ex office and shipped according to the guidelines.  I generally give homeowners my cell to connect if they have questions while filling out their paperwork. 

He called to tell the bank approved his modification and things were off in a new, positive direction.



Mar 14, 2012 10:33 PM #112
I am a new HRC and am beginning to accept assignments. I have a question about the Titanium short sale listing process. What are current HRC commission agreements with Titanium? I see that there is a 25% referral fee due upon closing of a short sale referred by Titanium. Is there an ADDITIONAL 25% fee for "processing?" There are 2 different documents needed at time of listing. Are these meaning the same thing? or totaling 50% of the Agents gross listing comission on short sales!?
Jul 17, 2012 11:53 AM #113

Gina, run for the hills!!! Last time I checked they were dumping their Short Sale Division and were not holding Realtors to the 25% Commission. I can tell you that they screw every Short Sale Up! Be Ware!!! I wouldn't do it with them!

Jul 17, 2012 12:41 PM #114

I was a consultant and here's my story. One day when I went out to meet with one of my assignment. This is what happen. First , I went into an area that was very nice and the community was all duplex type homes and most of the family that lived there , Mom on the first floor other family members on the second and vesa versa . OHH so when the client came to the door , I was welcome and they ask me what can we do. I proceeded with my presentation and they handed me a bunch of bills and letters and blanks checks. I said hold on. Why are you given me all your personal business , and they said. We've been praying that someone would come and help us with our problem. And when the door bell rang. You were there.

I was able to submit all of there documents to BOA in a timely manner and stop a foreclosure.


Mar 14, 2013 11:23 PM #115

Titanium sent out an e-mail yesterday that they are ceasing all operations and have closed down effective 3-13-13. So, it's all over. I have been expecting it for some time now!

Mar 15, 2013 11:12 AM #116
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