WARNING: Do not advertise with MagicYellow.com

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**** WARNING ****

I am warning my fellow ActiveRainers against using the advertising services of MagicYellow.com.


On May 21, 2008 I agreed to advertise with MagicYellow.com. The salesperson made wonderful promises about the MagicYellow site their graphic designer would create for me. He also assured me how prominent my Listing would be in the various search engines since he was "upgrading me" to be a featured advertiser.

The cost of a one-year agreement was $450.00 which I paid with my American Express credit card.

Approximately 10 days later when they emailed me a link to my Listing, I was extremely disappointed with the wording, layout and pictures included in my MagicYellow listing. For the next week I kept calling, trying to discuss this with the sales rep I dealt with. He was never available to assist me.

Eventually I called American Express and asked them to suspend the charge on my account until this was resolved. The very next day I received a call from the sales rep who apologized and assured me he would deal with my concerns. I was busy with a client at that time and we agreed he would call me the next day at a specific time to reolve my issues. He never called as arranged.

Later that day I called him and we scheduled another time to call me back. That never happened either. I received one random message from the sales rep, returned the call and left a message, and then never heard back from him.

Today I tried calling MagicYellow.com to again try to resolve my problem. No-one was available to assist me. In the meantime, American express replied to me advising they could not reverse the $450 charge since I had contracted with MagicYellow.com.

Not only has MagicYelow been chasing to get my business since 2007 but as soon as I had agreed to their services and they charged my credit card, they failed to give me the customer service they had promised.

Has anyone else had problems with MagicYellow.com?


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Palm Springs Realtor Stewart Penn
Bennion Deville Homes - Palm Springs, CA
Bennion Deville Homes - Broker Associate

Although MagicYellow finally modified the page advertising my business, I cannot find myself on their site when I run a google search.

I get great results through ActiveRain, Craigslist and my own website.

Magicyellow made false claims and unkept promises.


Aug 07, 2008 02:26 AM #11
J Hendrickson
n/a - Fountain Valley, CA

I agree Magic Yellow is a horrible company to work with and I receive at least 4 calls a day from them.  They tried to get $300 out of me for a top listing but at thetime I didn't have the money, and thank goodness after hearing what kind of service they give after you pay I am glad I didn't have the money. 

I have gotten my self to the 1st page of google for free.  I am listed on MerchantCircle.com and it puts me on the 1st page for free, if you google fountain valley notary I am there Jennifer Hendrickson, all you have to do is write a few blogs and keep your account up to date and the best part is that you can network with other businesses in your area so it is a nice way to get to know your neighbors. 

Aug 07, 2008 07:16 PM #12
Not Yet Licensed

I was assured my details would appear on the first page of Google, but today I was told it could take another 8 weeks for this to happen.

Promises that you will be on the "first page of Google" are usually a red flag because the SEO competition is intense in major metro areas.  For example: I just ran a search, on Google, for Los Angeles real estate and got about 3.19M results!  What keywords did they sell you?

Aug 07, 2008 08:03 PM #13
Palm Springs Realtor Stewart Penn
Bennion Deville Homes - Palm Springs, CA
Bennion Deville Homes - Broker Associate

I was also told it would take 8 weeks, yet nothing from MagicYellow appears when I run a google search using my name.

I suggest you also contact the BBB (Better Business Bureau) in Los Angeles and make a complaint.

Perhaps if enough people complain some action will be taken to stop their false promises. 

Aug 08, 2008 02:26 AM #14
anonymous ( HAPPY MAGICYELLOW.com Client! )

Based on what the submitted reviews say above, it sounds like you may not have been completely informed about their services. I have created multiple Ad Campaigns for my clients.... their reps have ALWAYS been up front, when I followed their reconmendations, based on their Keyword & SEO reports, I have seen great results & been extremely satisfied with having direct placement in the organic results of Google & Yahoo! specifically.

I think you should contact your direct rep & speak with them. Go online & REVIEW your REPORTS! You can get a GREAT deal of information from these reports which can help you with your own Search Engine Optimization.


Call your Account Rep & see what kind of info they can share. CALL THEM TODAY! They do Active Monitoring, you can get nearly Live SEO & Keyword Reports. They provide access to a lot more information then most advertising firms!

Aug 11, 2008 08:54 AM #15
Carol Judd
New Star Real Estate - Vernal, UT
Vernal Utah Real Estate

Thanks for the warning.  I have spent money before that was wasted.

Aug 11, 2008 09:23 AM #19
John Doe
San Diego, CA

Thanks for the info on this, Stewart.  I'll be sure to stay clear of them!

Aug 11, 2008 03:36 PM #21
Connie Betz
Berkhire Hathaway Home Services Ambassador Real Estate - Omaha, NE
Top Omaha Realtor - Omaha Homes for Sale

Thanks for the heads up.  I hope you eventually get your issues straightened out with them.  Is there some kind of action news reporter that can give you assistance?

Sep 02, 2008 03:08 PM #22
Palm Springs Realtor Stewart Penn
Bennion Deville Homes - Palm Springs, CA
Bennion Deville Homes - Broker Associate

This afternoon - 9/2/08 - I received a call (out of the blue) from Trey -  a Manager at MagicYellow. He called to tell me that someone had informed him of my negative Blog concerning MagicYellow - and since he was so concerned about operating his business with integrity and care, he wanted to address my complaints and hopefully have me record my newfound satisfaction with MagicYellow. I said I'd listen to what he had to say. 

After 30 minutes of "re-selling me" on the service, he kept saying that I must have misunderstood what the representative told me when I agreed to a subscribe for a one-year contract. He repeatedly spoke down to me saying that I didn't understand how search engines worked. This simply annoyed me.

Eventually I asked if he would credit me the balance of my contract and remove my listing from MagicYellow. His reply was: "That's not going to happen". 

So why did he call me? He certainly did not change my opinion about MagicYellow, but rather reinforced my negative experience in dealing with his company.

Sep 02, 2008 05:27 PM #23
Palm Springs Realtor Stewart Penn
Bennion Deville Homes - Palm Springs, CA
Bennion Deville Homes - Broker Associate

9/3/2008 - This afternoon I received another call from Trey - a manager a MagicYellow.com.

He said that after consideration, MagicYellow.com had decided to refund my Credit Card for the annual contract charged , and that my information would be removed from their site. He claimed this was to show how his firm acted with integrity and that they wanted to ensure clients had a positive experience with MagicYellow.com.

I am satisfied with the final result - BUT, I don't like the fact that I needed to go through hoops to achieve this.

Sep 03, 2008 05:25 PM #24
Johanna Respini

Although I am not in Real Estate - I too fell for the scam and wasted $450 to be in the top. It will take me months to recoup the cost as advertising budget for me is extremely tight.

I really wish I had been warned before :-(

You can be sure I'm posting it on all of my blogs.


Mar 05, 2009 03:18 PM #27
Jason Lancaster

I'm a professional web marketer, and I interacted with David Greene at MagicYellow.com just last week. His sales tactics were misleading and deceptive, and based on my sales experience I think he might have been following a sales script.

What's worse, I'm concerned that some people will succumb to the sales pitch of the supposed SEO benefits of placing a listing on MagicYellow.com. While I don't have any data, my professional opinion is that a MagicYellow.com listing has litte or no SEO value - certainly not $450 worth.

I posted a notice on my blog, and I echo all the comments here - MagicYellow.com is probably not a good deal for your business.

Mar 23, 2009 03:36 AM #29
Al Dobbs
ADD Real Estate - North Chicago, IL

Magicyell is never going to get my  business. But in this post there is something that not only surprises me but amazes me. I did not think so many Realtors would be on the do not call list. Not too long ago; cold calling was an important part of this business. Thank gosh for the Internet.

Jul 20, 2009 07:48 PM #30
Romana Clay

MagicYellow advertises CONSTANTLY for writers and editors to create listings. Although the pay is very low ($12 per hour), the job is near to my home, so I have answered the ad many times, as has a friend of mine. Both of us are perfectly qualified for the job, based on the stated qualifications, yet neither of us has ever heard a thing in response.

It now occurs to me that we have been shunned not because of deficient qualifications, but rather BECAUSE OF our substantial experience and apparent maturity (older than 35). That is, the MagicYellow people can tell from our resumes that we are not the kind of people who will get on the phone and lie to people.

These ads are run on Craigslist again and again, a few times a month, with no change in wording. Evidently it is a terrible place to work, with high turnover and a frequent need to hire more warm bodies.





Jun 16, 2010 05:25 AM #31


I actually know someone that worked for them and I am WARNING all of you that they are a scam.  They lie and make fun of the people they talk to.

The phone room manager "Tray" is a completely irrational person.  I saw five people come and go within one week.


Jul 19, 2010 11:25 AM #32
Tim Herron

Well, I was all most set up. They were to competent to even play phone tag right. I finally left a nasty voice mail, and the same email. I advertise all over for free, and do it all my self, within 4 months I have top listings every where, (for free) and have never ever had to communicate with a person on the phone to get(verified) that was my first clue, then the phone tag told me, they thought they were more important than me. then the scare tactic email, made me start researching, and wala. I am glad I dident waste my time with them, see they couldn't have gotten a dime from me.

I have more time than money, and I am not greedy(not that any of you are)so they cant deal with me. there is no reason to.

and oh, by the way, my web page is http://www.herronfarms.webs.com

and yes, it is also a free page.lol

Aug 20, 2010 10:38 AM #33
Tony and Suzanne Marriott, Associate Brokers
BVO Luxury Group @ Keller Williams Arizona Realty - Scottsdale, AZ
Serving Scottsdale, Phoenix and Maricopa County AZ

Any and all claims made by an agent in an effort to encourage / convince a prospect to work with them should be truthful.  Lying is unethical, dishonest and could be considered fraudulent.  Those that lie about Short Sale expertise are some of the worst - as their lies can lead homeowners to financial disaster.

Sep 02, 2010 01:18 PM #34

As with most sales-related companies, the company can not monitor 100% of what the sales reps say. In some cases, a rogue or vengeful employee may make all kinds of wild claims in order to ruin the company's reputation.

I have heard that David Greene no longer works at Magic Yellow.

Any time you get wild claims and "guaranteed" promises, make sure you get those in writing from a manager. Either the company will confirm those claims or it will be alerted to the unethical practices of its employees and (hopefully) take appropriate action.

Sep 22, 2010 07:32 AM #35

As a former employee with Magic Yellow in Agoura Hills, CA, I agree with everyone, they have very deceptive practices and all employees read a manipulative 9 page script which was formulated by the self centered sales manager TRAY who's prior sales experience was the receptionist at a 24 hour fitness club. The company is very small, they have 3 sales people total, but they come and go because there isn't any money to be made there and seasoned sales people walk after a short stint with the (NARCISSIST SALES MANAGER TRAY). The company supposedly is nationwide, so you have 3 Sales reps, 2 web designers and a bunch of looser owners who work out of a run down, 1,200 SF unprofessional office. TRAY sits at a desk in the 300SF call center and monitors the calls and on many occasions I have witnessed David Greenes practices which were praised by TRAY with the ringing of a COWBELL for the sale. The other thing that was terrible about that job is that they play rap music in the background like a PUPPY MILL and when they receive a call from an African American or a Hispanic they put the phone on MUTE and turn on the speaker phone and make racial immitations of the caller on the line. Most employees wear torn up jeans and flip flops to work. They have half page re-buttal scripts filled with lies in case the customer is going south and in most cases the customers listing does not appear in the first page of the google, bing and MSN search. So the agent, before calling you, types in many key words so that magic yellow some how appears on page one, then if they are 10 rows down, they tell the customer that there aren't any services like yours being offered in your community so you will be number 1 in the listings, which is a lie. I can't believe that I stayed their for 9 month's but after seeing how many people they were ripping off, morally I had to quit!!!

Oct 06, 2010 01:27 PM #36
Totally Truthful
As a former employee of Magic Yellow let me let you all know they like blaming the previous manager Tray for all the wrong doing. The manager that is with the company now lies to customer telling them about how they have helped there buisnesses to get higher on the search engines it just so happens Mclaines Rv repair is her husband and she makes sure he gets to the top by constantly searching him out. They do this with many of their companies. But you will notice then only use a few as examples its because they know they are located at the top 3 or 4th spot on the search engine they chose. The office manager they have there was the one who made sure Tray lost his job so she could take over and lie even worse to customers then he did. Her husband advertising with her company only show how far the company will go to lie to their potential customers. If you look at there Testimoinals you will see her husbands is at the top of the page. And they will make sure to show you that one first so be careful. I saw so many people come and go from this place and the owners do not care what their manager does to conduct their buisness they just enjoy the money and homes it builds for them all. So many employees are unhappy with this company if they try to explain how it is not right for misleading people they are fired that simple. Beware of this company and there lies this is real and they steal peoples money and do nothing to help their buisness.
Jan 08, 2014 03:54 AM #37
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