If BusinessWeek Cost more, perhaps Albany NY Home sales and the Economy would be in better shape

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I read and subscribe to many periodicals including the Wallstreet Journal, Businessweek, The Business Review, Inc Magazine,  etc, etc. My wife subscribes to many magazines but her main read is "People".  I noticed a funny thing in my home over the last couple of weeks. A good percentage of people visiting picked up the "people" magazine. Nobody picked up my BusinessWeek!  Then I started thinking "People" costs me over $200 a year which is outrageous in my opinion! Do you really need to know what star is dating whom? Obviously many, many, people do. BusinessWeek comes out weekly and I pay a small fraction of what I pay for "People". Yet business week provides great insight into the economy and business environment. Ditto for the Wallstreet journal, Business Review, Inc magazine etc.  A Wallstreet journal subscription delivered daily is much less then a "People" subscription!

This demonstrates one thing, the demand for "people" magazine is much greater then any business publication or they couldn't charge that much more.  It means the majority of our country couldn't care less about TARP money, the GM bailout, or the NYS budget woes. All the majority of people care about is reading about other peoples lifestyles! 

So back to my blog title, if Businessweek cost as much as "People" magazine it would indicate that as a nation we actually do care about business and the economy. Until people start caring and getting involved we are going to have an uphill battle to recovery. Have questions? Visit me online at Albany NY Real Estate


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