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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Paul Benak, I specialize in buyers, sellers and investors!
(RE/MAX Gold)
Comments 12
Hello Everyone, This is my first ever community blog... I am a Realtor/Investor that works in Fresno, CA. Real Estate is one of my many passions in life. I am grateful and know that I have been blessed in many areas of my life, real estate just happens to be one of those blessings. My goal here o...

By Suzanne Nunez, Sr. Loan Officer serving all of California
(Mason McDuffie Mortgage Corp)
Comments 24
I am not a tax or legal professional.  However, I wanted to share some general insights regarding how the new tax bill* may impact you starting this year:If you have a large first mortgage loan amount, you will be grandfathered in to the interest deduction up to $1,000,000 of your loan as long as...

By Kimberly Sethavanish, Sonoma County's top Real Estate Team
(Kimberly James Real Estate)
Comments 8
Is it worth staging my house for sale?I think this is a very common question sellers ask themselves and their realtor before listing their home on the market. They may research and read that staging does pay off or that it does get them more money for their house but they want to know is how do t...

By Devon Neal-Mitchell
Comments 7
it's important to understand the interests of your client. That determines whether you will be anywhere from a special agent to a universal agent. Wether you will have an exclusive or non-exclusive agreement. It might be in your client's best interest to have multiple agents working for them at o...

By Kyle LeBlanc
Comments 7
Poor record keeping/ failure to give document copiesI feel as though poor record keeping can result in failure to give document copies therefore I decided to lump them together. Both of these issues can cause an agent to lose their license and are very serious. These items i have chosen to discus...

By Renee Greene
Comments 11
I had a recent experience with a dishonest real estate agent and his clients (The buyers in the sale of my home).  We learned a valuable lesson in not relying on anything verbal or in emails.  In the end the only thing that matters is whats written on the contract.  The contract had a contigency ...

By Jeff badus, B&H Garage Door Repair Los Angeles
(B&H Garage Door Repair Los Angeles )
Comments 3
When it comes to taking care of your house, there are numerous various aspects that require to be kept in mind. One element that needs to be kept in mind in the Los Angeles area is the garage door and if it is not operating properly, you require to find somebody to repair it as soon as possible.T...

By Leslie Heimer, MBA, Over a decade of experience * Orlando Top Lender
(American Liberty Mortgage)
Comments 9
Once contracts are executed and the ink dries on the earnest deposit check, Buyer’s likely set their sights on financing. And why not? With interest rates in the high 3’s and low 4’s you cannot borrow money any cheaper. With a recovering real estate market and pent up demand, the market is heatin...

By Ben Parham, Residential Property Management & Sales company
(Integrity Realty & Management, Inc.)
Comments 5
Denver Property Management continues to be an excellent business niche within the real estate community. The rising home prices in Denver are bringing about a new bread of real estate investors; those that are holding and renting their home as a strategic investment decision as opposed to those r...

By Christine Kourik, Homes in Anna Maria island Florida
Comments 12
How about owning a home in Anna Maria island Florida and letting the home pay for itself while you are not using . Sound good? Let me show you how to do this.Come to the island and experience one of the lay-ed back atmosphere with the soft white sandy beaches. or how about walking or taking the f...

By Cade Cottle, student
Comments 5
being a principle for the first time! when you purchased your first home you were the principal. You may have been disclosed, meaning the other party or (third) party knew who you were and knew your name. You may have been partialy disclosed, meaning that they know you exist but may not know exac...

By Lalicia Ekuaze, Home Staging and Decorating
(Owner of Splash of Decor)
Comments 6
I would love to get linked up with some real estate agents in the Nashville area so that I can stage their homes for sale. Also, I do home and office decorating. Seeking referrals.

By Holly Larsen-In Training, Currently training to obtain license
Comments 6
When you hire an agency, you believwe that everything will work out.  You are paying them for a service, after all.  However, sometimes things don't work out and you need to terminate the relationship.  How is this done? 1.  Completion of an objective - the Principal Agent relationship is an agre...

By Daniel Ferber, We offer listings of houses available for RTO
Comments 5
Steps To Follow To Get a Rent to Own Agreement This article is about 4 basic steps to follow throughout a rent to own deal. If you are planning to obtain a rent to own agreement and you don’t know how to go about it, then you are in the right place.A rent to own agreement is good for buyers who m...

By Manuel Jesus
(investing secrets)
Comments 3
Value investing has an appealing logic to many investors. The idea is simple. Value investing generally involves searching for stocks trading at discounts to their fair value. These stocks can be bought and held until they trade at or above their fair value.These ideas were first put forth by Ben...

By Jorge Vigil, Making A Difference
(Remax Vision)
Comments 9

By Tom Mackrola, Mortgage Loan originator
(Inlanta Mortgage)
Comments 13
With recent announcement of interest rate hikes in upcoming months, it brings an additional challenge to those who have been hesitant about pulling the trigger on purchasing a home. As these announced hikes come into fruition potential homeowners will see the affordability of their home loans dec...

By Helmut G. Paul, International Buyers Naples Florida
Comments 6
It is still cold in Naples, but the price on my listing is getting hot!!!!!Click Here:>>> Windows and Doors. almost 2,000 sqft. 3/2  2 Car garage.HACIENDA LAKES on Rattlesnake Hammock Road. Call me: Helmut Paul (239) 450-6602 

By Debra Coray, Residential
(Go Arizona Homes/Excel)
Comments 12
For 13 years I have assisted buyers and sellers purchasing homes and on occasion leasing office space in the SE valley of Phoenix, AZ, mainly Gilbert, Chandler, and Queen Creek.  I have been a broker since 2007.  In Feburary of 2017, my husband was transferred to San Jose, CA for work.  I was not...

By Debra Gietter, I am the founder and CEO of LuXre Realty.
(LuXre Realty)
Comments 7
The coversation of preparing  a trust is not an easy one for many people. We try and make that a little easier with Date Night! Vondrak Law Website