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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Niki Shelton, Serving the Kitsap Peninsula and surrounding areas
(eXp Realty)
Comments 12

By Matthew KNorton, holistic chiropractor
(America’s Holistic Doctor)
Comments 4
What if I told you that you have a certain finite amount of life energy and that the success you have in managing it either results in long-term peak performance or the greater risk of illness and an earlier death?Your active response to this truth will either help to set you free or produce unde...
Kids often grow up in front of our eyes without us realising how time passed by. Your little princess is now 7 and you’re left thinking what might be the perfect gift for her.However, don’t worry for we have you covered. Pick from our range of 12 of the most lovely and cute gifts for 7 year olds ...

By Adam Kotkin
(We Buy Old Properties | Sell a House)
Comments 7
 Business category: Real EstateDescription: Looking for a quick home sale? Contact us today and watch your house sell in no time. Forget the worries of whether you can sell your house or not, sell house fast today! If you want to sell your house fast, pricing it right is the most important factor...

By Janine Kowalski, Your Treasure Coast, Realtor.
(RE/MAX Ultimate Realty )
Comments 7
One of my pet peeves with some agents as I read the Daily Hotsheet.................... Wait until you have photos before launching a listing!   Date the Agreement to give yourself time to present the property properly.   We owe this to our Sellers.  Also add documents & disclosures to the listing...

By Rachel Greene
Comments 9
Dual Representation is a situation where you are representing two parties during the same transaction. This is frowned upon mostly because you then won't have one parties best interest over the others. It because the best interest for you instead of who you represent. There are special circumstan...

By Rachel Thompson, Disney Vacation Club Sales
(A Timeshare Broker, Inc. )
Comments 0
My name is Rachel Thompson and I am a licensed Broker/Associate working  with the Disney Vacation Club product since 2005.  Feel free to contact me regarding all things DVC!  I'm happy to help!  We offer an open listing with absolutely no up front fees involved.  Just a commission at closing.  Fe...

By Karen Williams
(Financial Group Realty)
Comments 15
My name is Karen, and I am approaching my two year anniversary as an agent.  During my first six months, my primary focus was leasing. I was very excited about rentals because I figured it would be “quick and easy money".  In a short period of time, I learned that leasing was just as intense as s...

By R Bruce Fazio, Real estate developer based in PA
(Edgewater Residential Homes)
Comments 11
When you’re making the decision to go into the field of real estate, it is important to know whether you are looking to go into commercial real estate or residential real estate. At times, it can be easy to assume that these two are the same since they are both within the same industry, but compa...

By Emily Slade, Residential Realty Sales Associate School
(Agent Professor)
Comments 10
Having just begun my real estate school, I am completely shocked at the stories I have heard about being unprofessional as a sales agent.  There are many hilarious examples of videos - on you tube for instance-  about ways you might act unprofessional as an agent- ranging from using their bathroo...

By BarAssociation Directory
Comments 7
Nowadays, we refer to the internet for just about anything. We ask questions, make purchases, and do research when it’s necessary to find quick information. That’s why many people find it easier to just sit back and research a lawyer when they’re in need of legal assistance. Searching at a local ...

By Jenni Hubbs, Just started to study for a real estate license.
(Sole Proprietor and Athlete)
Comments 19
Hello everyone,Just wanted to say hi!I'm very new on the field of real estate as well as pretty new in USA. Originally I am from Finland where I wanted to start working as a Real Estate Sales Agent after graduating from Master's. However, before settling down I wanted to pursue my athletic dreams...

By Rob McGuire, Realtor serving Tampa Bay, Florida.
(Keller Williams Realty St Pete)
Comments 21
I love my job as a Realtor and am always happy to hear that my clients are happy too!I just purchased my 4th home. I've worked with many realtors. Rob is as good as it gets. He is so incredibly easy to work with. He is extremely thorough. His attention to detail leaves no stone unturned. I highly...

By Oath Real Estate, Give back up to 100% buyer agent refund.
(Oath Real Estate)
Comments 7
Fannie Mae, which is one of the two the governing bodies that makes up mortgage rules, now permits income from W2 employees who work for marijuana related businesses. If you work for a marijuana dispensery you are no longer discriminated against when trying to get a mortgage.  If you are an owner...

By Christine Poirier, Greenville's most Helpful Real Estate Agent
(Real Estate Market Place)
Comments 12
Thanks everyone for providing me with some marketing ideas for this listing in a secluded gated community.Since it was last minute, I put the word out to a couple of Meetup Groups in my area that I am member of.In spite of the weather being really bad that day, we had about 7 people show up from ...

By Chris Siegfried
(Lakeside Realty Windermere, Inc)
Comments 12
Moving into the new Windermere High School DistrictThere are many things people consider when buying a home in a different there a community pool or park...what kind of floor plan do you you want a 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom home...what is the quality of the local public hig...

By Lia Papadopoulos, Professional Residential Realtor in Palm Beach, Fl
(Zemel Realty)
Comments 12
Some Highlights: Historically, the choice between renting or buying a home has been a tough decision. Looking at the percentage of income needed to rent a median-priced home today (29.2%) vs. the percentage needed to buy a median-priced home (15.8%), the choice becomes obvious. Every market is d...

By Alexandra Basanez, Real Estate Agent
Comments 12
    I believe dishonesty is the root of all unethical behavior in real estate.  It is mindblowing the amount of real estate agents that are caught doing dishonest acts.  If getting caught is not enough, the state will then publish your case with your name, capatilized by the way, on a website for...

By Jan Atlas, My Mobile Notary does any notary service you need
(My Mobile Notary LA)
Comments 5
I have been a Professional Notary Public since 2004. My organization My Mobile Notary LA specializes in providing great notary services in Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directives, as well as Family Trusts and Wills. I founded the company considering our customer’s needs are of the utmost import...

By David Hinkson
Comments 14
In the spirit of full disclosure and ethical behavior, I must disclose that I am not a blogger!  I am actually a successful retired dentist in my mid fifties who has become bored and is taking an online course to fulfill the 120 hour pre-licensing course requirement.  Because of my own love for r...