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Bgpic02122010014033 l WELCOME to the Addicted to Active Rain group! This is for the person who is just hooked on Active Rain. You know who you are, you join not really expecting much. Then you find all kinds of amazing things, helpful tips, interesting people, just a great place to market yourself and learn as much as you can about Real Estate and the related fields! Please feel free to place anything in this area that is related to Real Estate in some way. Thanks! From here on out, this group will focus on each other, promoting each other, and our 'addiction' to Active Rain. Please do bring the following blogs to this group: Any Real Estate information blog (but see the don't add section below) Anything related to your ADDICTION TO ACTIVE RAIN! :-) Anything about your accomplishment milestones, or the accomplishments of others here on Active Rain Any tips or advice for the Active Rain community or the asking of help or advise Any networking events local or otherwise that you know about - that is what we are all doing here on Active Rain - NETWORKING! Stuff about your area (like localism) and things to do in your area. Please do not add the following types of blogs Purely self-promotional commercial like (this is me, what I do, and I'm the best in my area) except for the milestone type accomplishments. Of course, we all expect some advertising type ending or beginning to your blog, just please keep it Active Rain or Real Estate related. Market reports, home listings and just sold and such (unless you have tips, questions or are giving advise related to the listing or sale), while great to know, it really is not 'Addicted to Active Rain' in nature. I'm sure there are lots of groups here on Active Rain that would like to see that information! But this is the Addicted to Active Rain Group!!! Purely religious or political views unless they specifically relate to Real Estate. In closing, if you want to post these types of blog posts, within these guidelines, I would love to see you include it to this group! If you have any additional suggestions of inclusion or exclusion, please send me an email, and my moderators and myself will be glad to make a decision on your request! If you have any questions about Active Rain in general, or this group, please do not hesitate to ask me, I will be glad to answer any question I can, or direct you in such a way to get your answer! Have a GREAT day everyone! I look forward to 'seeing' you each and every day posting blogs here since I know you are all 'Addicted to Active Rain!!' Group Moderators: Bo Hussung (Cogent Closing Associates, LLC in GA) Robert Swetz (777S INC. Consulting Firm) Lora Leasure (True Color Services, LLC) Patricia Kennedy (Evers & Company) Ronald Gillis (Southwest Florida Notaries - FL) Group Founder: Ronald Gillis (Southwest Florida Notaries - FL)
Founder: Ronald Gillis
Founded: 08/13/2008
Subscribers: 2594
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