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    Google Maps & Google Places SEO

    If you have a Google Places account... you'll want to join this group. We'll be dedicated to promoting Google Maps and Google Places entries with the specific purpose of optimizing rank results. You must join to benefit from our knowledge. The best tips are not posted ;-)

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  • Serving Physically and Mobility Challenged Clients

    A place to locate homes modified to better meet the needs of our physically and mobility challenged clients. Discussion on how to better serve the needs of clients with physical challenges.

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    Marketing & Sales Tips - GEORGIA Foreclosed Listings

    Gathering place for Banks, Owners, Brokers and Agents to discuss tips and tricks for selling and representing foreclosed, abandoned, and distressed properties. What works, what doesn't, and more importantly, who can you call for help?

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    The Economics of Real Estate

    This group is designed to promote economic essays in real estate and investing. It encourages provocative and well reserached articles that inspire critical thought and creative solutions to everyday challenges in the marketplace

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  • Christie's International Real Estate Affiliates

    Group for Christie's International Real Estate affiliates to post listings and pursue referrals.

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  • New River Homes for Sale

    New River Homes for Sale is the place to see what homes we have listed and available in New River, AZ.

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  • Oregon Foreclosures and Short Sales

    This group is for Realtors to promote their bank-owned foreclosures, short sales, and other distressed properties for sale in Oregon.

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    New Mexico Ranches For Sale

    A group where information on ranches, land & recreational properties for sale in New Mexico can be posted and viewed.

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    MASTERS OF COACHING: Coaches, Speakers, Trainers

    The Rain Dance Space for Coaches, Speakers, Trainers. Let's see how wet we can get!

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    Activerain Attorneys

    A forum for attorneys to network and discuss the pressing legal issues impacting real estate transactions.

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    Real Estate Divorce Specialists

    Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialists are trained in the legal and tax aspects of divorce to better help their divorcing clients. They are also given marketing training that allows them to take advantage of the growing niche market of divorcing couples.

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    A.S.O.S.B.I. (Additional Sources of Small Business Incomes-Realtors Only Group) This group was started by an ASOSBI member who wanted to share unique money making opportunities with fellow realtors. This group is for Realtors committed first to their real estate business but also wanting to maximize every income making opportunity their business generates.

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    Orlando Realestate market-Investment

    orlando realestate market news , tips ,

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    Charleston SC House Buyers

    We Buy Houses In Charleston, SC and Surrounding Areas in 7 days!

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    Active Rainers Outside

    "Active Rainers" the group for active Active Rain members who consider themselves experts in their community's outdoor recreational environment and feel well-qualified to assist clients searching for communities with outdoor recreational attributes ...and if your favorite real estate is outside...

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    Curb Appeal 101

    Here's a place for Curb Enthusiasts can swap tips, stories , and otherwise strut their stuff!

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    40 Somethings

    Between Gatorade & Geritol is our forties. Welcome to the multi-tasking generation. Forty somethings often deal with children & aging parents, all while building a real estate career. We aren't young and we aren't old, but we sure have full plates. Like any age, there are no instructions, but we can still share and support each other. Anything goes, but please don't post hyper local market stats or blatant self promotion.

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    RealtorĀ® World


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    Industrial Real Estate Brokers

    Group For Brokers that Specialize in Industrial Real Estate.

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