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    High-Rise News

    Condos, lofts, co-op's, condo hotels, & town home news to the the AR community.

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    ERA Hudson Valley Network

    A place where ERA Brokers in the Hudson Valley can meet and exchange ideas.

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  • Minority Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Professionals

    Hello, I wanted to start a group in order to network with other black real estate agents and mortgage professionals throughout the United States. As a black real estate agent and loan originator, I understand the challanges that we all face. By using this group, I hope that we all can become better at our jobs and extend our circle of professional acquitances.

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    The Secret . TV

    What ever you think about most you will become..The law of attraction. This site is in addition to other secret groups. I would like to piggy back on the the other secret groups and use this forum for You to write about how you feel on a daily basis. When you wake up, when you need to release smoke, when everything is going great. This is dedicated to YOU!

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    This group is about The Generosity Generation believers who are coached by Michael J Maher, and their amazing accomplishments! Thank you Michael!

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    Need to sell a house fast? Sell your home for cash, quickly, in as-is condition. Denver Homebuyers can buy your house in 7 days. No obligation or fees.

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  • Wordpress

    Do you have a Wordpress blog? Are you thinking about starting one? Join us and let's learn together.

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    The Lower Mainland, BC, A fantastic place to live and work!

    A forum for Lower Mainland Realtors in Surrey, North Delta, White Rock and Cloverdale...the Lower Mainland is a Fantastic place to live and work!

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    Central Illinois Real Estate community

    Forum for real estate agents in the Central Illinois region to post listings, buyer needs, information about the region, news and updates about the region, etc.

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    Rancho Cordova Listings

    If you have a listing in Rancho Cordova CA, this is great place to advertise your Sacramento listing. Only put the address in the address title bar.

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    Home swapping and how it works

    This group is for the outside of the box thinkers who embrace different ideas and want to implement them into their business practices. Swapping is one of the hottest trends in real estate. Here we will discuss how it works and how it can work for you.

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    Pasco County Florida Real Estate

    A place where Agents and Brokers in Pasco County Florida can share ideas and information with other local professionals

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    What's It Worth?

    Appraisal Industry and valuation topics including CMA’s. Discussion for real estate sales professionals, mortgagors and investors to learn about the appraisal industry and how it works. Have a question or suggestion? Go ahead and throw in your 2 cents worth in the name of improvement and education. Members and member impute is what makes this group worth what it is worth.

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  • Independent Real Estate Brokers Agents

    This is a place for Independent Real Estate Brokers and Agents to network with each other on For more resources, visit:

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  • Bonita Springs Commercial

    Group for networking commercial real estate activities in Lee and Collier County.

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  • Power of Giving FEELS good!

    Generosity!!! Hey Real Estate professionals YOU need a break in 2008, and I can give it to you. Offering you a FREE vacation* (you pay taxes and small activation fee), and you share where you would like to go. This is a Business to Business marketing product. I am introducing a powerful incentive program you could use to set yourself apart of your competion! Unlimited VACATIONS for a lifetime...

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    This group shall consist of real estate AGENTS who are former members of the U.S. NAVY. This group is also open to PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE U.S. NAVY PERSONNEL who'd like to interact among themselves or with member RE agents . Agents are asked to keep their posts informative and specific to the military and the need for assistance from the real estate and mortgage lending industries.

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