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    Pocono Mountain Real Estate Group

    A Group for Pocono Realtors to Network, Blog, Post Items of interest and More!

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    Prudential Tropical Realty

    ActiveRain Group for Prudential Tropical Realty

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    This Group is all about SUCCESS! Robert Swetz, Founder (Vegas Bob)

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    Real Estate Strategies To Grow Your Business

    This group exists to share real estate strategies to help you grow your real estate business. Please post any real estate strategies you incorporate to generate leads, motivate buyers and sellers, get more listings, and make more money. Feel free to ask any questions . . . even the ones you might think are too silly to ask.

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    Taking Control Of YOUR Health!

    Yes, you CAN be Healthy! It all starts with a bit of knowledge, but knowledge doesn't do you any good unless you apply it. Never is this more true than in the area of health. We're here to talk about how you feel, but more importantly, how you want to feel...and what YOU can do about it! Please...keep your postings to this Group related to health topics - physical or mental. I would hate for someone to come here searching for important info because a family member was just diagnosed with canc...

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    Jokes, Stories, Poems, Quotes, Random Humor, Pictures

    Welcome to the Humor ActiveRain Blog.

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    Steubenville, OH Real Estate - Investing & Attractions

    A group on the Steubenville Real Estate Market for area & industry professionals and renters, buyers, sellers or investors! Steubenville is home to Dean Martin and the growing Franciscan University of Steubenville. Located 35 miles from the hub-ub of Downtown Pittsburgh, 25 miles from Pittsburgh International Airport, minutes from shopping, transportation (routes 6, 22,30, 79, 75, and 279) this Historic quaint town offers great rentals and sales at much lower prices! A great opportunity to in...

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    Commecail brokers / agents reach out

    This group is for commercial professionals who want to network and share ideas as well technology and information on the commercial industry.

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    Certified Probate Real Estate Specialists

    All things probate real estate may be posted here.

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    USA Realtors

    Realtors in the United States - This Active Rain Group welcomes all posts pertaining to Real Estate, Mortgages, and Community that a Realtor services. This post is for Realtors working within the United States and asks that all information be concerning Real Estate, Mortgages, and Community in the Good Old USA.

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    Real Estate and Taxes

    Real estate presents more tax opportunities than any investment - but what we don't know doesn't help anyone. If you have tax information that can help clients, or tips for other professionals about how they can use this information for their business - this group is for you.

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    EXiT Realty WWW

    Welcome all EXIT associates and those keeping an eye on our growth. Yes we're the company that embraces the opportunity to help each other develop personal wealth through mentoring, training and of course one of the most unique wealth enhancement opportunities in the real estate industry. This WWW (Weekly Web Workshop) will include a variety of 'How to' crib notes from our Wednesday Workshops. ALL POSTINGS IN THIS GROUP ARE OPEN TO THE FOLLOWING TOPICS: SEO, SNO, SEM, Web Marketing Ideas, Bus...

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    Veterans RE Issues and Answers

    Veterans have many obstacles in life during and after military service. This blog is to assist veterans in finding and purchasing real estate. Relocation, homes for sale and other related verteran real estate issues are welcome. No political statements allowed. We all owe a debt to our veterans. This is one way to say thank you for a job well done. God Bless them all!

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  • Mountain House CA Real Estate

    All things to do with Mountain House, CA. The community, the budget, home sales, real estate, etc

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    Escrow & Tile Services, Florida

    Florida Title & Escrow Services Blog is designed and formed for the public and industry. Our mission is to educate the consumer on the various relationships between Closing Agents, Title Companies, Lawyers, Lenders, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents & Brokers and ALL parties involved in ANY Real Estate Transaction.

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    Real Estate Blogging & Social Media Marketing‏

    Real Estate Blogging & Social Media Marketing‏ Tips & trends on real estate marketing, with focus on increasing your online presence.

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    Team Blogger

    Exploring the art and science of team authoring.

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    PUBLIC NOTICE...ALMOST 100% JUDITH AT LEND AMERICA MORTGAGE BANK The Liberty Grant gives buyers a HUGE head start on homeownership with a cash contribution towards the purchase of their home of 2.25% of the purchase price. BENEFITS FOR REALTORS: • Save your buyers and sellers thousands of dollars • Promote down payment and closing costs assistance to attract more buyers • Obtain more listings by leveraging the Liberty Grant Program with sellers • Deliver highest quality mortgage services to ...

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    Zillow Discussion Group

    The future of real estate from A to Zillow, including innovative business models and new developments which will shape the future of the real estate industry. Disclaimer: This Group is not affiliated in any way with

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