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Looking to help restore pride and integrity back into the Real Estate industry.

Get to know Contesia Sanders is a company that is trying to get homeowners connected with the right real estate professional that can help assist them with their mortgage needs. This is open to any homeowner that want to know their mortgage options. How it works: A homeowner can log on to and click what are my options and post their situation for free. Once they post their mortgage situation it goes out to all real estate professionals that are registered with such as bankruptcy attorney's, Realtors, Real Estate agents, loss mitigation companies, non-profit organizations, investors etc. We are encouraging all homeowners to know what their mortgage options are no matter if they are in foreclosure or not. In these times every homeowner need to know what their mortgage options are just in case.

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Our area of expertise is connecting homeowners with the right real estate professional to help with their mortgage situation.

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