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Brivity is a web-based tool designed specifically for agents that combines listing management, marketing, and communication. Try it now at

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Why Try Brivity?

Brivity is the ultimate tool for real estate agents to simplify their business activities and make more money.  

Here's how we make your life easier:

Our client communication tools constantly keep your client on top of everything you've been doing.

We send your client daily or weekly email updates of all the tasks you've completed, buyer feedback, and any notes you have.

We also create a separate login just for them, so they can log-in and see all the work you've been doing.

Our customizable listing management software to manage your team and business.

We create action plan templates for each property type, that are then sorted by date.

Tasks that are due today are the first thing you see when you log-in, so you and your team will never miss a step again.

Additional marketing pages for you listing to get more visibility than ever before. Every listing that you enter into Brivity gets a custom marketing page with zero clutter and advertisements.

Use our simple photo uploading tool to create a virtual tour and list all your agents on one single page. 

Brivity is so easy to use, the hardest part is signing in. So grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and relax-we've got it all covered.

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Testimonials for Brivity CRM

  • Joe Provost

    I really like the system... My clients are extremely excited about having their own username and login and being able to monitor what is being done with the listing as we do it. The system is fantastic and is allowing us to take our clients to the next level in customer satisfaction! I personally like how we can log in daily and see what tasks need to be completed and who is responsible for it. No more of the "I thought you were going to do it" Great accountability as well.

    I have let Sean (Brivity's Product Manager) know of some issues that have come up and he is fantastic at communicating and staying on top of things.

  • Caylyn Dunehew

    We love Brivity and how fast any problems are fixed that we come across. Sean has been really great in helping with any problems we have or explaining what we do not know. We are really liking the newest improvements you have made being able to have the admins log in under there own log in! Thank you so much

  • Johanna Olsen

    Brivity has not only helped with time management, it has helped our efficiency. Time is a hard thing to come by as a real estate admin. Everyone has instant needs and wants. I have to say that this program gives us that time back that we were missing with everything on paper, in reminders, CRMs and on Google. It makes us admin rock stars!
    "Brivity also has eliminated those dreaded calls from sellers regarding signs being ordered, the listing being up, and being advertised and on all the proper sites. Our sellers love being connected to the listing process every step of the way, and we love always knowing what needs to be done!

  • Jillene Snell

    Brivity is the ultimate organization tool for a team or agent. Not only does it help us property service our listings through tasks and checklists to keep accountable, but it also allows our sellers to see what has been accomplished. Sellers can view their history of showing feedback and a summary of their online marketing links directed right to the ad, and this is just the beginning. Now, I can be assured that tasks will not slip through the cracks. Brivity is a big tool in getting our listings sold AND obtaining referrals from happy customers!

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