Corey Brown (C.Brown Properties)
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PO Box 47181 Baltimore, MD. 21244

Get to know Corey Brown

My name is Corey Brown; I am the President of C.Brown Properties. I want to take this time to extend my company's Property Management Services to you and your clients.

C.Brown Properties is a full service Property Management Firm that serves investors in Baltimore, Washington DC & Northern Virginia. C.Brown Properties is here to meet all of your client's property management needs. We specialize in Tenant Placement, Tenant Retention, Quality Maintenance Services, Landlord/Tenant Litigation & Target Market Investment Consultation just to name a few.  


We also offer Quality Renovations services at a very competitive rate for our clients. With our qualified staff working in their best interest, we hope to make you and your clients real estate investing experience less stressfull & more profitable.


To learn more about C.Brown Properties and our services, please see our website at ( or email me at

We appreciate your consideration and look forward to being your property management company of choice.


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