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Home of Florida's FIRST Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist and most accurate mortgage rate forecaster for the last 6 years. Specializing in increasing your wealth conservatively over time.

Get to know Robert D. Ashby

Robert D. Ashby now owns and operates Mortgage Rate Forecaster (TM), providing the most accurate mortgage rate forecasts available.  He also maintains "Mortgage Rate Forecast Weekly", a radio show on BlogTalkRadio and writes a weekly email newsletter (you can sign up on the website).  Mr. Ashby also runs Robert Ashby Photography, getting back to another passion he had when he was in high school.  Today, Robert Ashby Photography is growing quickly and focuses on the commercial, fashion, advertising aspects, though offers additional services down to portraits.  Real Estate photography is another part of his business, falling into the commercial/advertising category.  Just take a look a one of the pictures he has done, though more are constantly being added to his website...

Mr. Ashby was the President of Solid Rock Mortgage Corporation, a Florida Mortgage Brokerage Business, located in Pembroke Pines, FL.  Mr. Ashby has been involved with Financial Services since 1997.  He became Florida's first Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS).  He also became a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS), which gives him the knowledge and ability to minimize his clients' and strategic partners' risks related to Identity Theft.  After all of the turmoil in the industry, Mr. Ashby decided to close Solid Rock Mortgage and focus on two things, his mortgage rate forecasting (he was the one who started all the public forecasting, dating back to 2004 and maintains the highest accuracy rate to date) and photography.

Mr. Ashby still maintains his mortgage planning skills and is happy to assist those whom wish to put truly incorporate their mortgage into their financial plans.  To date, all of his clients, including the ones who "went underwater" on their mortgages, are happy with the services he provided them and none have gone to foreclosure. 

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Mortgage Rate Forecaster(TM) provides accurate mortgage rate forecasts and mbs commentary when possible on a daily basis.  If you have ever followed other rate alert services, you have seen why you need a "big picture perspective" that is solid, and that is where Mortgage Rate Forecaster comes excels.  While services issue locking guidance, only to change it shortly thereafter (sometimes less than a half hour), our guidance seldom has to be changed intraday.  Our goal is not to take you away from these services, but to provide a valued second opinion to protect you and your clients from erroneous alerts, which happens more frequently than you might think.

Part of our service to you is to provide weekly email newsletters which provide a broad review of what happened the prior week and what lies ahead for the upcoming week, including our expectations and anticpated locking guidance.  From that newsletter, we take it quite a bit further in our "Mortgage Rate Forecast Weekly" radio show, getting in-depth into technical analysis and the "why" behind our guidance.  At a very minimum, you should be receiving our newsletter and listening to the show, though we would like to see you become a member and avoid all of the erroneous mortgage rate forecasts strewn across the web.


While Real Estate Photography is not our only type of photography, it is one that we do excel at.  The goal is to provide a realitic photograph which requires proper lighting, and that is not necessarily turning on ever light or using softboxes, etc. to light up the room.  Sometimes it requires a different perspective, sometimes it requires new techniques, such as HDR to capture what is "beyond" the room.  Sure, you can take a picture from any point and shoot and you may even be good with a DSLR (maybe even the same one I use - Canon 5D Mark II), but exposure is key, along with a unique vision.  Just because you are a pilot with a Commercial license, Instrument Rated and Multi-Engine rated, does not mean you can fly a 767 across the globe (like I still do).  You might still get there, but it will take you a lot longer and may cost you more moeny in the long run.  Do you treat your real estate business like that?


Some may already recognize the CMPS designation.  This stands for Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist.  The training received here is a huge step in the direction of how to integrate the mortgage into the client's financial plan.  We take this to the next level by knowing all strategies that can be beneficial to our clients including a unique process called MEDS™ and forward thinking strategies on how to use your mortgage to supercharge your financial plan.

The CITRMS designation is one you probably do not recognize.  Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist is what it stands for.  Training for this designation encompasses all laws in the US involving ID Theft and what the consumers and business need to know to protect themselves.  You and/or your business may be at more risk than you think!  I stay up to date on ID Theft issues and how to protect my clients and strategic partners.