Christina Vagnini, Senior Loan Officer, SC (Eagle Nationwide Mortgage Company)

1905 Bacons Bridge Rd

Summerville , SC 29485

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Helps Real Estate Agents generate a steady stream of referrals through fresh client retention strategies.

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If you are a Real Estate Agent disappointed in your marketing and want to learn how to improve your strategies, you have come to  the right place.

Unlike other Loan Officers who only want your next referral, I help you generate more referrals using a three step solution.

1. Convert strangers into friends. Imagine generating a qualified prospect that doesn't require you to reduce your commission split to beat the competition.

2. Transform a neighborhood into a flourishing community. Imagine being the agent responsible for connecting neighbors and the benefits you'll gain from networking.

3. Change how prospects view your services. Imagine being top of mind with your prospects as a trusted source, instead of as a sales person.  You'll enjoy greater credibility and less competition.

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Join other Real Estate professionals and get free acess to the Virtual Marketing Center and take advantage of the innovative strategies for growing your real estate business  smarter and faster.


Implement real estate marketing strategies that are cost effective. Communicate in a way that prospects become ionterested in your offer. Develop the confidence to speak with prospects without feeling like the underdog. Feel good that you are bringing something to the relationship, and so you stand out for the competition.