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Loan Officer for Loan Simple, Inc. Providing FHA/VA/USDA/Conv mortgage loans. We fund loans across the entire Great States of Texas and Louisiana! 214-763-4629 cell/text/night/wknds.

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Loan Simple, Inc.

11420 Airline Hwy
Suites 102, 105, 202
Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Tom Burris
Residential Mortgage Loan Originator
nmls# 335055

214-763-4629 cell/text/nights/weekends




Dallas Mortgage Loan Officer serving the entire Great State of Texas and now Louisiana too!! 

Introducing the LouisianaLoanGuy... 



I have been a loan officer for over 13yrs. A salesman all of my life, I wanted out of technology sales really bad. I joined a credit repair company to head up their IT dept. It was there that I became exposed to mortgage lending and felt that the consultative sales nature of mortgage lending was for me. Folks told me that the refi boom was over and that I was getting in at the wrong time.... boy were they wrong!! I have learned to network for referrals rather than rely on the phone to ring from yellow page ads. A lot of lenders have not cultivated that market and are suffering.

My knowledge of credit scoring has served me well in this industry. I have helped countless folks raise their score(at no charge) to get into a better loan program.   The DallasLoanGuy's Free E-Book 'About Credit' <= this FREE book is a great tool for realtors and lenders alike. If your borrower, cannot qualify today, they soon will be able to raise their scores with this knowledge. (Note: While I do not condone someone trying to get legitimate derogatories off their reports.... I do feel strongly that EVERYONE deserves a fair and accurate reflection of their credit history in their reports)

I am married. My wife, Lori, is a nurse. Two kids, both boys, Ethan age 14 yrs and Evan age 9 yrs. They Keep me on my toes!!
I like to fish and hunt. Camping too. I don't have much time for that these days, but soon the boys will be old enough to go with me. I coach both boys in Baseball and we all enjoy watching the Rangers when we aren't playing ourselves.

I like networking. Just keeping up with old friends and making new ones. I love chatting about the business. I like to learn something new every day. So I welcome comments and suggestions. Even constructive criticism is met with a smile.

Although I do consider myself a professional, I am pretty laid back guy. Approachable and friendly.


If you or anyone you know needs a Texas Home Loan or Texas FHA Loan please do not hesitate to call me day or night. And if you call the office line, please do not forget to ask for Tom Burris.


Tom Burris
Dallas Mortgage Banker
214-763-4629 cell/text/nights/weekends


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Certifications provides free one-on-one credit consultations to ANYONE who will FIRST take the time to read my free book about credit and purchase a scored credit report. This information can save people thousands of dollars over the life of their loan.

Texas Home Loans. We cover the entire state of Texas (And now Louisiana too)!!

Free Credit Consultations!! Includes a free book on understanding credit and the credit repair secrets. This is a no hassle, no bull kind of deal. If you do not have a copy of your credit report, I can provide you one at my cost. The typical credit consultation session is 1hr. Can be done at my office, your home, Starbucks, or wherever. The only rule is that you need a scored trimerge credit report and must have read my FREE e-book before we start. NO, I will NOT do credit repair for you.All I ask for in exchange is a chance to do a loan for you, or even better, you send me referals for home loans. <= look for the e-book "About Credit" here.Remember, this is a "Free credit consultation" with no other obligation from you but to purchase a scored credit report.






Testimonials for Tom Burris

  • Susan


    Before we heard about you.... we NEVER thought we could own a home. Every time we got our heads above water, something would happen. We would make a mistake or the medical bills would be back.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to work with us. You have made our dreams come true


  • K. R.

    From: ******************
    Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2007 5:46 AM
    To: Tom Burris
    Subject: RE: How's the new house?

    I'm overjoyed, but exhausted. Moving is no joke. I have limited access to the internet after 2pm; my services are not setup at HOME :-) yet. I am working on my testimony right now!!

    I can't thank you enough for all of your help. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that the process would go as smoothly as it did.

    I've got to share photos of what we've done with the place.

    K. R.
    Houston, TX

  • Brian Brady

    Brian Brady wrote at 1:10pm
    To anyone watching:

    Tom Burris is my "go-to" guy in Texas. While I lend in 50 states, Texas is sort of it's own country; it's one state I avoid.

    I recently asked him to help a dear friend of mine, who moved to Texas. She was talking to two lenders: one of which was ripping her off blind, the other of which she was able to use because of Tom's coaching.

    Tom can't fund EVERY deal so he backed off when someone else was more suitable; that's integrity.

    Tom can't fund EVERY deal in Texas but he should fund yours. He receives an unqualified recommendation from me.

  • Ms. Doss


    Of course we're now on the homestretch and we still don't know if underwriting is going to tell us to kiss their behinds or not...BUT I wanted to personally thank you for your time, patience, honesty, and everything you've done for us. You represent your profession very well. As you know we were faced with dealing with some not so good brokers but you sir, have really impressed me. I will send EVERY person I know your way not because you're a "yes" man but because you are a "honest" man who will lay the facts out for your clients and work with them to the best of your abilities.

    Thank you Tom. Again and again. And again.


    The Doss Family

  • ************

    From: *****************
    Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2007 12:27 PM
    Subject: FW: update

    Hey Tom- how are things treating you? Just wanted to let you know that everything is great over at the new house and Nick and I are expecting our first child. Thank you for everything you did to help make this happen for us.

    Hope you have a great new year!

  • Lisa

    From: ****************************

    Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2006 10:37 AM

    To: Tom Burris

    Subject: RE: Good faith estimate

    When I first contacted you, I was basically scared to death about what my options were going to be when my present mortgage starts to "adjust" this November. Thanks to your work, I feel much better now.

    (So are you going to use that for a testimonial on your website) LOL

    Thank you,

  • Patricia Rockaway

    The deal went very well. Thanks so much for all your effort.
    Truly, no one else could have done it.

    You really pulled my booty out of a jam.

    YOU DA MAN!!!


    P.R. Remax, Houston

  • ******************

    I want everyone to know that I first started asking Tom questions even before my BK was discharged. There were several months I emailed and called him even before I applied for my mortgage. He was great throughout the whole process and even called to follow up after we moved in.

    Tom was always a calming influence and patiently listened to me when I was freaking out. Overall it was a fairly quick close--less than 30 days from when I first put in an offer on the house.

    Oh--and there was only one big surprise at the closing table..... fees were LOWER than quoted!!!!

    THANKS TOM!!!!!! See ya when it's time for re-fi

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