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Since 2004, Angela Hardiman has worked with hundreds of agents and families, studying and researching agents' marketing techniques as well as the behavior of sellers and buyers. Through seminars and one-on-one coaching, she developed her approach to "design marketing."

While traditional marketing is about attracting the right buyer for the house, design marketing is the transfer of emotional attachment from seller to buyer.

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As a business owner, Angela became intrigued about a peculiar aspect of her work that only the best agents knew about. Agents that used Designology's staging services on a regular basis developed a deep, high trust relationship with Angela. They began to send her on preview appointments with their homeowners... alone. That's when the magic happened.

Agents knew Angela would not only get the house looking its best, but would help the homeowner emotionally detach from the home. After her appointment, she knew more about the homeowner's emotional state and motivational level. In addition, her experience targeting specific markets when staging homes revealed critical information about buyer demographics. These insights about people - the sellers and buyers - was instrumental in the sale of many listings.

Word got around. Agents began asking for coaching on all of their listings. Brokers requested she deliver training seminars to teach not only staging techniques, but the seller and buyer psychology needed to get their listings sold.

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Angela has worked with hundreds of agents and families as part of the marketing team. She realized early on that it was much more than just staging. It was about understanding her homeowner's situation and the demographic buyer who would potentially be buying their home.Over the years, she has studied and researched agent's marketing techniques and also seller and buyer behavior. Angela not only developed a signature style in staging, she has expanded her services into seminars and one-on-one coaching, teaching agents her approach to "design marketing" by understand the psychology of their sellers and buyers to get their listings SOLD!

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Designology has been a leader in the Spokane area for staging and coaching for the past ten years. In 2015 the company is going through some major changes. Keep checking in.
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