Angela & Stephen Hardiman / HouseTie.com, When first impressions count... (HouseTie.com)

Angela & Stephen Hardiman / HouseTie.com, When first impressions count...

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HouseTie (HouseTie.com) is a comprehensive tool for real estate professionals to offer their sellers so that they can prepare their property for the market. Interactive checklists and short, professionally produced videos cover every room of the house and all areas of the surrounding property. From condition to presentation, HouseTie covers it all.


Home stagers offer HouseTie to their clients as an extension of their own services, saving valuable time during a consultation and in preparation for physically staging.


The content of the videos and checklists was painstakingly developed over six years of designing, creating, writing, and producing. It is based on Angela’s work with hundreds of real estate agents and thousands of their sellers for over a decade, helping them prepare their properties for the market.

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HouseTie : Full Demo Video

At HouseTie, we've created an interactive website for real estate agents to help them assist their Sellers in preparing their home for sale. Check out our demo video to find out more!

HouseTie has been a great tool for my listings. My sellers love it, and I don't have to be 'the bad guy' anymore! It's a game-changer for the industry.
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