Jim Watkins (DFW Mentor)

Garland , tx 75042

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DFW Mentor is a real estate mentoring program for individuals who are interested in real estate investing. It offers personal and group interaction

Get to know Jim Watkins

Jim Watkins has been a Real Estate Investor since 1999. He has been a real estate investment instructor since 2004 and launched DFW Mentor the same year.In addition to teaching 2.5 years with Addison based, Foreclosure Listing Service, he also has taught investment real estate at Kaplan Professional Schools (formerly Leonard-Hawes School of RE) and the Dallas Ft. Worth Real Estate Investors Network. Currently DFW Mentor has an active enrollment of over 170 mentoring students.With Foreclosure Listing Service, Jim served as the Director of Mentoring, Senior Instructor, wrote and taught six different classes during that time. After Jim was recruited to teach his material at Kaplan Professional Schools, he asked why they had pursued him. The answer he was given was, "Because you are the only real estate investor who not only appreciates Realtors but, can effectively communicate with them."Jim is a TREC certified instructor for Realtor MCE (Mandatory Continuing Education).Three rehab projects over the past two years has slowed his teaching but, his rehab projects are finished and he is now focused on teaching and mentoring once again. Jim Watkins was a weekly contributor for the web site, www.biggerpockets.com with frequent articles about real estate investing. For a list of his articles, visit:  http://dfwmentor.com/jim_watkins__articles

Jim Watkins's Blog Posts


Jim Watkins has gained experience in the following specialized areas:  Pre-Foreclosures, buying at public auctions, bank short sales, lease options, warranty deeds, flipping (aka Assigning a Contract), rehabbing, single-family and multi unit property management, mobile homes and his specialty - Abandoned houses.

His style of instructing is popular as he blends personal experiences, needed information, student participation and common sense in a way students can understand and apply in today's Texas market. When teaching or speaking for a group, Jim will  "tell it like it is" and doesn't try to motivate people by offering elevated expectations. This is a job and it is not all glory as depicted on TV.

To have Jim speak for your real estate group, please contact him directly.