Real Front Desk (SIMG)

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Real Front Desk equips MLSs and Real Estate Firms with advanced tools to manage showings and feedbacks. RFD is 50% less with greater features (Professional Feedback is FREE) than any other system toda

Get to know Real Front Desk

Did you know that AOS - Real Front Desk can save your firm thousands of dollars over any other showing desk systems? 

We do not charge for our AOS Professional Feedback system when other showing desk companies charge approximately $8 per agent per month.

AOS - Real Front Desk was the first web based system on the market making our system the highest quality, greatest features and fastest system so your firm does not have to worry at all.

AOS - Real Front Desk can provide a MLS wide system or a Real Estate Firm system.

Please go to to download an AOS - Real Front Desk flyer.


Bottom-line, AOS - Real Front Desk has more technology to provide a MLS Wide or Real Estate Firm showing and feedback system than any other company in the world.  We have been writting our systems longer than anyone and it shows, ask our clients.

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