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Who We Are 

I am privileged to work with my husband, Steve, in an area we both love.  When my family moved to Cary in1968 the population was around 7600.  Today, we are the seventh largest metropolitan area in the state with a population of over 125,000!  Steve and I met at Cary High School, and we remember when Kildaire Farm Road had a couple of FARMS on it and the Cary Parkway was just a good idea.

I'm second generation "mortgage."  As I grew up in a home where everyone spoke about the economy and the mortgage and real estate business... I'm an Economic News Junkie and often write about events that are moving the housing industry and mortgage interest rates. It's important to me that folks understand that I'm not writing about the "gloom" and "ruin" of the mortgage industry - I'm simply looking for lower mortgage interest rates.  Typically, bad news in the economy spells good news for mortgage interest rates.

Steve and I were named one of the top Origination Teams in the State (by the NC Association of Mortgage Professionals) and Mortgage Originators Magazine.  As entrepreneurs, one of our companies received the coveted Triangle Fast 50 Awards by our Business Journal three years in a row.

Our Commitment

We've been involved in Mortgage Lending since the early 1980's.  There is a vision that drives us to do what we do.  Simply put, we want to help you create the financial strategy that allows you to live life to the fullest.  That requires that together we establish goals, define priorities and determine what's most important to you. 

On any given hour of a day, mortgage lending experiences subtle shifts that can create huge forces of change for our customers.  We are dedicated to a life of continually educating ourselves in the broad areas of economics, politics and financial planning... and of course we stay on top of the Mortgage Industry News too!

Our Family, Our Community

As active members of the Cary Chamber of Commerce, the YMCA and our church, we have become friends and mentors to local businesses and charities.  We've worked hard to raise money and awareness for the "We Build People Campaign" at the YMCA and the American Cancer Society "Relay for Life."

Our unique family dynamic includes a middle school daughter, a son who is at Western Carolina University, a small Japanese Chin (named Lucky) .


hi. my name is Savannah Leigh Thorne. i am Steve and Eleanor's daughter, and i feel very strongly that my mom hasn't truly explained our family. so here it is. we are a simi-normal family getting by comfortably in soccer mom territory, also known as the suburbs(not my first choice. but its ok, i still have plenty of fun). we love to do allot of things as a family. my dad and I like to go to the YMCA (conveniently located up the street from us) and play plenty of sports like tennis and swimming and on the occasion even jogging(once again, not my first choice). My older brother is one of my heros, we are 12 years apart and have way too much fun together. my mother often looks at us with a very confused face and asks us why are acting like brothers and sisters.. of course we all start laughing and say "i guess someone didn't get the memo!". speaking of my mom. something you might not know about her is that she is possibly the most creative person i have ever met. she is constantly finding new ways to make something in (or on) our house look amazing. i like to think that's where i get my creativeness from. So anyway. the last thing you should know about our happy little family is that we are very musically inclined. My dad and i will stay up all night playing guitar and piano and singing, of course my mom and brother will join in on the singing too, but its what we do. we may be embarrassing, and we do have our "un-happy" moments. but for the most part were just like ever other typically untypical family. :)




The Company Steve Works For:

River Community Bank, NA operates as a mortgage banker and a mortgage broker.  We are authorized to handle FHA, NC Housing, VA, USDA... and represent an array of conforming, conventional lenders.  We have offices in NC, and Virginia, but we are able to offer mortgage loans in all 50 states.  Our team is built upon the same foundation we built our business relationships on.  We constantly strive to build a team that embraces and adheres to the values we consider most important... as one of our clients you can be assured that everyone on our team to look out for your best interests!

In most cases we are able to allow our clients to lock into an interest rate and float down if the market improves.  We educate our customers on market conditions, and the events that might change those conditions, as we help find the BEST solutions for your situtaton!

We are fortunate to have expertise in helping folks make minor changes to their credit files - as those minor changes to improve a score can make thousands of dollars worth of difference over the life of the loan.

For a more information about Cary check this out or CLICK HERE!

Equal Housing Lender

Steve Thorne, Mortgage Loan Originator #60596

River Community Bank, N.A., NMLS #448992

Eleanor Thorne Expertise

During the last two years, we helped host RE BARCAMP for the Raleigh Area. This is an interactive meeting aimed at Raising The Bar on Social Media Marketing in the Real Estate World!  Follow us #REBCRDU

If you are an agent, looking for an interesting way to get more people interacting with you on Social Media, ask us about classes and virtual assistance.

In addition to the information we post on Activerain, you might find what you are looking for at another of our websites!  We also post maps, and qualifying information about ALL Government Loans at NC FHA EXPERT.  We've met dozens of people this year who are struggling with ways to improve their credit - and maximize their FICO so that they can get the best rates.  Because of this, we created a site dedicated to the question, 'HOW TO IMPROVE MY SCORE."  

Triangle Area Recognition: Recent "Best Of" Awards

According to the Census Bureau in 2010 Raleigh became one of the "Brainiest" Cities in the Country.

 Men's Health Magazine ranked Raleigh the most politically engaged city in America.The rankings were based on percentages of active registered voters, ballots counted, percentage of income donated in the current presidential election, campaign spending, votes cast in the 2008 primary and votes cast in recent elections for governor and senate - Men's Health magazine, September 2008

Milken Institute: A Best Performing CityThe Raleigh-Cary metropolitan area is ranked number two in the nation's "Top 100Best Performing Cities" in an annual economic performance index released by Milken Institute/Greenstreet Real Estate partners. The annual study ranksmetropolitan areas by how well they are creating and sustaining jobs and Economic growth. The Raleigh-Cary area rose from number 10 in 2007 - September 2008


MSNBC: America's Best ranks Raleigh America's best city! "Raleigh, N.C., it seems, is the best place to be in the U.S. right now. It ranks No. 1 in Forbes' 2008 list and was also top in 2007 - consistent placement among these lists is truly rare. It ranks No. 2 in Kiplinger's list this year. The city is also Fortune Small Business magazine's No. 20 place to live and launch." -- June 2008

Kiplinger's: A Top Urban AreaKiplinger's Personal Finance names the Triangle the second best urban area in the U.S. It highlighted undeniable date: population growth since 2000 of 19.9 percent; percentage of the work force in the creative class, 36.1 percent; cost of living index, 99 with 100 being the national average; median household income of $56,150; and income growth of 10.3 percent since 200. This ranking dubbed Houston the best in America and Omaha, Neb., the third best. -- July 2008

Forbes: Recession-Proof Local Economy

Forbes magazine ranks the Triangle's economy as fifth on a list of 10 recession-proof local economies. -- May 2008



Best Place For Young AdultsA study conducted by American City Business Journals ranked the Raleigh-Durhammarket as the best in the nation for young adults, defined as ages 20 to 34. Thestudy examined 10 factors, including growth rates of employment and per capitaincome, unemployment, percentage of people holding bachelor's degrees andmedian rent in the nation's 67 largest metropolitan areas. Austin was rankedsecond, Washington, D.C., third. Charlotte placed seventh. -- May 2008


Fortune: A Best Place To Live And LaunchRaleigh's growing tech industry, support of entrepreneurs and the $2.5 billionrenaissance downtown place the Capital City at No. 20 in Fortune's "Best Places toLive and Launch." -- May 2008

CNN in 2010 and Rachel Ray : Best City For SinglesChapel Hill Is named the "Best City for Rich Singles in 2010,"  and Raleigh is named The Best American City for Singles" in Every Day with Rachel Raymagazine. - - January 2008


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I see myself differently than most loan officers in the Cary/Raleigh market. As a rare Cary native, I see myself as an expert on the area, on mortgage industry changes and factors that affect rates!
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