Fay Kelley, Alternative Healing With Crystal Energy (Interdimensional Healing Light)

Fay Kelley, Alternative Healing With Crystal Energy

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Interdimensional Healing Light

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Certified Crystal Healer

Reiki Grandmaster

Certified Pendulum Dowser

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Crystal Energy Healing

Fay Kelley Testimonials

  • I've used Fay and Interdimensional Healing Light several times to help my animal companions and my friends. Fay is always professional and timely in responding to my requests with great kindness and compassion. But even more important is that the energy from her crystal grids is powerful and also transformational. If you need some help with removing blockages, healing yourself or an area of your life and helping a friend or family member; I highly recommend Fay!

  • Fay is one of the best Crystal Healers I have ever met. Her crystal grids are amazing. She did one for myself and one for my husband and we felt results within a few days. One of the grids was for anxiety and I have not had an attack since she did the grid for me. My husband also had results within a few days. I would highly recommend Interdimensional Healing Light for a Crystal Grid Healing session! Blessings, Louise at Raven and Crone

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