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Cincinnati Change will create homes in Greater Cincinnati with a focus on developing and or purchasing and remodeling 60% of its homes for low and moderate-income households. All will be smartBuilt.

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Cincinnati Change will create a mutual fund to develop 20,000 homes in Greater Cincinnati with a focus on developing and or purchasing and remodeling 12,000 homes for low and moderate-income households.  This fund will be based on the work that started in Cincinnati with the establishment of a current NYSE fund with over 800 million dollars invested in it.

As a result of the creation of a seven billion dollar mutual fund that holds real estate in southern Ohio will be jobs.  The development will take place from the core city and will provide a economic boost to it's founding communities through increased jobs and homeownership.

Among the groups we will focus on building and or remodeling homes for will be families of those children who attend our partners schools, along with homes for those who work, build and teach in them. First responders will get special service under this program and students willing to give public services will become eligible for a home of their own under our proposed program.

All of our housing will be lead free.  Cincinnati Change will start a program to create lead free zones in urban communities through this housing program.  We will monitor the program from 30 years as part of the wrap around in the mortgages that are part of the CMO's sold to market.  We expect that we wills ell our first underwriting in April of 2007 based on property we have already acquired and or will have taken option on by our meeting in March in Washington DC.

Student housing will be among the keys to the regions growth as we change Cincinnati now.  Student income will grow of educational infrastructure and align us with the worlds new management workforce. Cincinnati Change through subsidiaries will create student housing for over 5,000 students from foreign countries in the region.  Local students will be able to take advantage of the over 5,000 apartments and condo's bought or built for their stay in the region while going to one of our member schools.

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The founders and operators of Cincinnati Change are:

A Economist

Experienced Real Estate Developers 

Mutual Fund Trustee to over $2B

Chairmen of national NGO's with over 500 member organizations

Member of the board of The National Trust for Historic Preservation

Co-Founder of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition

Facilities manager for National Institutes of Health in Washington DC

Project manager for Bio Safety Labs for US Army

Professional Engineers

Communications Patent Holders


Construction Managers

General Contractors

Military Veterans

Prior membership as Board Member of the Cincinnati Hamilton Country Community Action Agency

Prior membership as Board Member of the Mt Auburn Good Housing Foundation

Diplomatic Staff Duty

3 have passed the CPA test

2 are Lawyers

4 with Masters of Business Administration

A Doctor of Education

A Doctor of Communications

Lay Speaker in the united Methodist Church 

IBEW Union Member

Labor Union Member

CBTU Member

Languages (1)
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