Thrive Real Estate Systems, Helping agents Thrive across the country! (Thrive Real Estate Systems)

Thrive Real Estate Systems, Helping agents Thrive across the country!

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Thrive Real Estate Systems

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What exactly is Thrive real Estate Systems? It is a unique membership based real estate training and education program for agents around the country.

Members pay just $9.99 a month and have access (currently in CO, HI and WA, with 6 other states coming on board by June 2015) to over 40 CE credit courses at no additional charge. Imagine having classes at your fingertips, when you want them, when you need them and they are part of a low monthly fee. Over 40 approved CE courses at no additional charge.

With your membership you also get huge discounts on premium courses, pre-licensing

But that is just a tip of the iceberg, members also get 1/3 off personal coaching. While non-members pay $149.00 or $599 a month (depending on package chosen) members get the same coaching programs for just $99 or $399 per month. The coaching programs have over 30 complete sessions, each designed to make you a better, more productive agent, using your skills, not some company generated program that one in a million can find success with.

But, thats not all, members also have access to Chandra Halls and Dave Comptons libraries which include unlimited video CE and productivity courses.

As we are growing we are seeing great response from other outside vendors offering agents even more discounts on products and services. Members actually have two options, they can pay an annual; fee of $99.99 or a monthly fee of just $9.99, imagine never having to worry about CE credits again. Access to some of the most forward thinking minds in the industry.


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We are a unique membership-based educational platform, offering CE credits (currently in 3 states and getting licensed in 6 more by June 2015) coaching, video tips, marketing tools and much much more
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