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Introduction to Jen Woodbury 808-936-8957 and 503-218-3936:

"Real Estate is my way of life. Being raised by a real estate broker, I was exposed to property sales early and learned the business well. I've been involved with the Oregon and Hawaii real estate markets for over 20 years.

Mission Statement: To contract with and professionally, ethically and excellently represent clients for the purpose or buying and selling real estate for primary, secondary or investment property.

After living on The East Coast, The West Coast, Oahu and the Big Island and traveling in England, Canada, Mexico, Fiji, Tahiti, Jamaica, the Philippines and the Hawaiian Islands, Jen learned she loves to live in The United States with all the freedom and beauty it has to offer. Living in the Pacific Northwest and traveling to The Big Island is a perfect match. When it comes to property sales, Jen is no stranger to Real Estate. She was raised by a real estate broker. A family outing was often a Sunday of looking at new listings so Jen's love of property started at a young age. Real estate has always been a part of Jen's life; therefore, she knowledgably and enthusiastically helps others to have real estate and make home ownership become a part of their life. When it comes to play, Jen loves to get outside! When in Oregon, a standard day (after work, of course) may include hiking, skiing, running, cycling and triathlon training and when in Hawaii, add snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming and surfing! Yes, she has been known to surf in the morning and head up to the volcano and ski that afternoon. Jen believes that when you work hard, you should play hard. After she productively represents clients in real estate, she seizes every opportunity for fun and adventure.

Jen is licensed to sell real estate as a principal broker in Oregon and holds a current but inactive license in Hawaii so she is a great resource and producer of primary and secondary homes.


Part of my job as a principal broker is to provide you with as much information and access as I can.  

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