Jerry  Norton (Equity Services, LLC)

540 N Lapeer Rd. #405

Orion , MI 48362

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Jerry specializes in providing investors with fully renovated, cash flowing investment properties for under $50k

Get to know Jerry Norton

Jerry Norton has been a full time real estate investor since 2006. He has sold over 150 investment properties to investors both nationally and internationally since Jan. 07. He strongly believes that now is the time to acquire investment properties and teaches his clients how to buy at the right time, in the right location and at the right price (watch a 26 minute presentation). If you buy real estate in the path of growth and hold onto it for a period of time, you will prosper!




Jerry and his company, Equity Services, LLC, acquires distresses properties, fully renovates the properties, puts tenants and property management in place and sells them for under $50,000 to investors who are looking for solid long term investment properties with positive cash flow.


All of our Properties are:

very desirable properties fully renovated rock bottom price strong rental market positive cash flow long-term appreciation professionally managed


Top 10 reasons why Equity Services, LLC is your #1 Investment Property Provider:

We have sold over 150 fully renovated investment properties since 1/07 We personally invest and own the same properties in the same neighborhoods We personally live in the area we own all of the properties we sell we personally manage our rehabs and oversee construction on a daily basis all of our contractors are licienced professionals and all work meets secion 8, local and state codes our property managers, insurance agents, lenders, contractors, etc. are the best in the industry We do not mislead investors into thinking they can quickly re-sell for a profit we do not inflate values or mislead equity we are here for the long-run

Visit our website to learn more and to see a list of available properties. All of our properties have pictures, slide shows and financials. We also have a number of other tools and resources to assist investors.


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