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    It is Our Mission to Provide Realtors with the Tools & Skills to: Generate Traffic & Earn Leads Incubate Clients Build Trust Develop Knowledge 1. Generate Traffic & Leads By leveraging an effective, affordable and progressively beneficial Search Engine magnet, real estate bloggers are generating great traffic to their blogsites more swiftly than ever before. Rich content attracts visitors and encourages their participation as well as their inquiry. Yesterday's canned responses, lacking in personality and relevance, can't compete with frequently updated, personally provided knowledge.Engage the audience, expect response. Read our Industry Embraced Articles about how ourProduct and Training Are Proven to Generate High Quality Real Estate Leads.   2. Incubate Clients A focused and regular communication that educates as much as it engages the growing audience makes traditional marketing almost irrelevant. What postcard, newsletter, item of value or other stand-by can compete with a captive, engaged and participating audience? Blogs are proven to accelerate the incubation process of your online leads. No packaged communication can replace the effectiveness of timely, relevant, and personal information delivered to an audience that has volunteered to receive it. Read: The 7 Reasons Why Your (Future) Clients Should Care That You Are a Real Estate Blogger.   3. Build Trust Relevant content builds your knowledge base and impact on regular readers. The more that you are able to present yourself as the expert, who understands the needs and concerns of your readers, the stronger the bond you grow with your potential clients. Consistency, Commitment, Wisdom and Passion create confidence in your future clients. Read: How Giving Away Trade Secrets Makes for a Successful Blog   4. Develop Knowledge Research, analysis and presentation bring concepts to clarity.Become better by digging deeper. Accountability demands excellence. We are an Education First company, and your development as a savvy blogger is our first priority. Read: Why Real Estate Blogging Makes You a Better Realtor. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3  



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