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We love working with our clients!  As a service oriented company, we
ensure you get the perfect solutions to help you achieve the
environment you want.  The "Wow" factor, along with dedicated
professionals with wonderful, creative talent and committed to providing
personalized service, makes the experience enjoyable and the results
simply beautiful.

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Interior ReDesign - The art of bringing a new look to your home without
purchasing new furnishings.  Creative thought, along with considering the form
and function of each room brings a great design to your living areas.   

Interior Design  -  Whether finishing a basement or remodeling, working with
you and your contractor, we help ensure your vision is achieved.    If you do not
have a contractor, we provide references to licensed and bonded general
contractors with whom we have worked.   

Preparing Homes to Sell - When your home is on the market, it needs to
show well and appeal to every potential buyer who enters the house.  
Additionally, sellers are incredibly busy and need help identifying what has to
be accomplished.  Our comprehensive checklist will help home sellers know
what items need to be repaired, replaced or improved.  It's not simply making
the space "pretty" but taking a "buyer's perspective" in determining how your
home can be prepared to sell.

We help you market your home and work with your Realtor. Don't want to
spend too much?  We offer "Do It Yourself" kits to help you get organized and
ready to sell!

New Homes/First Homes- Moving into a new home can be a joy as well as a
challenge.  Newlyweds, job transfers, newly constructed homes -  all categories
involve creating a living space that is functional and beautiful with existing furniture
and a new floor plan.   Let us help!

Vacation Homes - Vacation Homes are the perfect medium for showing your
personality!  Creative design and interior decor in your vacation home truly makes
it extra special to stay in!

For Businesses - Interior design and decorating for office spaces include
workspace consultations, furniture and accessories selection, modular
offices, conference room design and solutions best suited for form, function
and aesthetics.  

Personal Shopping Services -  We offer shopping services and
consultations when you don't have time to shop.  Additionally,  "shop
along" consultations (best suited towards major furniture purchases) assist
you in selecting your furnishings best suited for the size and design of your

Having someone help you in your home by bringing in coordinating
accessories, artwork and furnishings is a two-fold joy.  First, it's an
experience much like opening a great birthday present, secondly, and most
importantly, it relieves the  anxiety associated with choices, time and money.    

Your time is valuable and when you leave a shop empty handed, or worse,
settling for something you hope will work, the  feeling of disappointment does
not help.  Hiring someone to take care of shopping for you and your home not
only brings peace of mind, but in many cases, personal shoppers know where
to get the best bargains!

Clutter Control - Overwhelmed by all that "stuff?"  We can help!  A well
organized home is as enjoyable to come home to as a well designed
home.  Change your environment and change your mood.  

We'll take a cluttered room and turn it into a tidy, aesthetic space, organizing
one room at a time -  We'll even help establish systems with your family to
maintain the transformed room.   De-cluttering your home helps de-clutter your

Color Consultations -  A process of determining colors best suited to
enhance your home.   

Window Treatments - Custom designed and manufactured or ready-to-hang
treatments help to bring style to your room!

Accessories & Textiles - unique art, colorful accents and decorative items
help achieve the room you want!

Furniture Placement -  Form, function, beauty.  We ensure the right pieces are
placed appropriately in spaces to ensure balance, utility and aesthetics are

Lighting - recessed, pendant, or lamps, we can help you bring necessary
lighting elements to the space.

Decorating Services - Whether decorating for the holidays or bringing in
new accessories and case goods, we provide the finishing touches to your
home or office.

Specialized Services - original artwork by Kate, specialized carpentry by
Mark (cornices, mantles, shelves)  and reliable contractor referrals.

Event Decorating - Beautifully decorated homes or offices for the events
you're planning.  Need entertainment or catering?  We can refer you to
reliable catering and entertainment services.

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