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Hi. My name is Tana Plewes. I am the CEO of the Discovery Center for Entrepreneurship, a private career training organization specializing in entrepreneurial leadership development and corporate training. We are Canada's first entrepreneurial leadership academy run exclusively by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Our core program is an applied leadership development program that instills confidence and peace of mind. We help you develop mastery in dealing with risk, uncertainty, creative and emotional tension that undermines our experience of being in business and creates conflict in the workplace. For more information visit Possibility.ca.

People who participate in our programs are looking to break out of the box in some way; either by starting a new venture, transforming their existing business, or seeking clarity prior to making a career change.

I give back to my community by serving as a board member at Accelerate Okanagan (https://www.accelerateokanagan.com/), as a community partner to young entrepreneurs through Futurepreneur (Canadian Youth Business Foundation) and by supporting youth entrepreneur competitions throughout the Fraser Valley and Central Okanagan.

I have been married for 23 years and we have two children. I have a Master of Arts degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University.

Tana Plewes Expertise

  • Leadership development
  • Business development

I have an associate in Business Management Technology and a masters degree in Leadership. My actions are guided by a dream, vision, purpose and mission. 


Dream – To spark economic growth through innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Vision – To create workplace environments of trust, transparency and innovation.
Purpose – To help people discover new possibilities and opportunities for action.
Mission –To develop tools and facilitate a process framework to guide continuous innovation.



For more information visit our website at www.Possibility.ca


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