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A Virtual Genie: A team of Virtual Assistants dedicated solely to helping Realtors succeed! We focus on the details, while you focus on your clients and family!

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I began providing marketing support to Realtors in 2006. Today, I provide SEO, social media, and content consulting services to Realtors who need to gain more traffic and leads.  If I cannot help you gain more leads through your website, I can point you in the direction of an agency who can.

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Referrals. Referrals. Referrals. We want you to experience consistent, measurable growth through your database of past and current clients. This type of growth leads to predictability, and that is invaluable in a business which grows from your reputation for service.

Listing Marketing Assistance. You've probably got a great system in place already, we can add 'a little spice' to your current system. We offer unique services that will take some of the pressure off of you from your sellers, we can help you to keep them HAPPY!

Buyer Database Management and Relocation Package Assistance. Buyers are looking for a home 6-12 months before they buy. Wouldn't it be nice to know that timeline before they get into your car? Wouldn't it be nice to put them on an automated touchpoint campaign (via email, snail mail, and phone), that seems personal. How impressed would they be if you personally called them with specific details that shows you remember their situation, six months after their initial contact with you? Valuable leads are being wasted because Realtors don't have the system in place to keep themselves in front of their prospects, or worse yet, you are spending TOO MUCH MONEY to do this!!

Client Follow Up. Skip those generic newsletters that end up in the trash. Let's get personal! Send us your list of past clients, whether they were a buyer or a seller, and the date of their closing, and let's implement a follow up system with a personal touch.

Transaction Assistance. We can help you keep all those deadlines straight, communicate with third parties, and log all aspects of a transaction within a software program that organized everything. We have training and experience in numerous transaction manager software, and are very fast at learning new ones.

Closing Festivities. Closing is a huge event to a home buyer, are you making it a huge event? Do you throw a party for your clients in their new home, so you can personally meet all the new neighbors and their nearest and dearest friends? Do you have a limo pick them up to take them to closing? No? Why Not? Let's make this a celebration instead of a closing, and we guarantee you'll have a referral from them within 60 days!

Web Site Maintenance, Design, Upgrades. We have experience with today's most popular templates, as well as designing custom sites to meet your needs with social networking and SEO combinations. We have a team of affiliates in place who are ready to tackle your personalized, strategic Internet goals.