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Search engine optimization or SEO for short has a reputation for being an expensive and time consuming process. An SEO company will be happy to charge you hundreds or thousands every month to optimize your search engine ranking. They’ll also be happy to tell you how difficult it is to rank highly in the search engines. What they wont tell you is search engine optimization doesn’t have to be a complicated and expensive process.

The largest part of search engine optimization is link building. Yes, people like to play up other factors such as on page SEO, however if your content is relevant to the audience your targeting and your sites is consistently receiving high page rank backlinks you wont go far wrong.

The process of getting backlinks to your site will happen in two ways. First, if your contents good, other sites will want to link back to you . Second, and most likely, you’ll have to find other sites to get backlinks from or run a linking campaign. The more high page rank backlinks your site has the higher you tend to rank for your targeted keywords in the search engines.

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