Mery Fernandez  Empire Network Realty Luxury Brokerage, 100% Commission Luxury Brokerage (Empire Network Realty 100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage)

6000 S Rio Grande AVE Ste 104

Rio Grande Business District

Orlando , Florida 32809

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Testimonials for Mery Fernandez Empire Network Realty Luxury Brokerage

  • JR Montero Real Estate Agent

    Every ship needs a good Captain at the helm. The Empire ship is lucky to have the best Captain the central Florida real estate can offer. Our broker has taken the role as a non-competing broker thus allowing her to focus 100% of her attention to supporting her real estate professionals. The brokerage offers excellent training opportunities, excellent support, updated social media marketing training, and a supportive and family environment. You will not be disappointed with what Emipre has to offer. Have an Empire Day!!!

  • Tabitha Sosa Realtor

    I left a big named brokerage because I didn't like paying a broker I never saw or felt supported by. Since being with ENR for a year now everyday I am reminded of why I'm here, because of my broker, Mery. She is always available, supportive, caring, experienced and knowledgeable. Our office staff is so on top of things nothing gets by them (adding to the confidence in my transactions). This has been my most successful year yet (on top of that keeping 100% of my commission) I'm looking forward to many more transaction's with ENR! 🏘🏘

  • Christian Silva ORRA Top Producer Realtor

    This was the absolute best decision I ever done, empire network realty helped my business grow tremendously. For all the new agents out there, there's plenty of classes to learn from. The best support, from a extremely helpful broker. Give it a try, you won't regret it.

  • Sonya De La Cruz Realtor

    It is my honor to say I am now part of the ENR family. Just in my immediate family we are 5 Realtors which all belong to the Empire Network Realty team. Mery has welcomed each one of us with open arms. I thank you for being my Broker.

  • Lisandra Rodriguez Realtor

    I came from Keller Williams and had been looking around for 100% commission brokerage for awhile but I was nervous to make the switch since I'm a fairly new agent and heard bad things about smaller brokerages. I thought that 100% commission meant you were more on your own and have no support type of thing. Well let me start by saying that I was way WRONG. From the beginning when I talked to Mery I asked her about the support and what happens if I had any questions, she point blank told me to text her or call her without hesitations. Since I started I had contacted her twice with questions and both times she's answered happy to hear from me and with an answer to my question. I am very happy I made the switch and my only regret is not moving over sooner and earning more $$$. Thanks Mery!!!

  • Courtney Bass Realtor

    Finally found the right brokerage. Promotes Independence, prosperity and Mery and the staff are fabulously prompt with responses to questions. I highly value the brokers knowledge and call upon her regularly. Proud to be a part of the Empire.

  • Carol Alomari Realtor

    I made the decision a couple months ago to make the move to Empire and it's the best decision I could have made as it relates to my real estate career. This is a great office with a very helpful and knowledgeable broker in Mery Fernandez.

  • Mary Delli-Veneri Poillion / Lake Sumter Top Producer/ Realtor

    The move to Empire Network Realty has been the best experience I have ever had! Mery has been very supportive and answered me right away when I have needed to
    ask a question. The office staff is also amazing! Thank you for letting me be a part of this fantastic team!

  • Robert Mogollon Realtor

    If your transaction may be supervised by a person like Mery, then it will be a successful transaction, just realize count on her everyday. Thanks Mery.

  • Melissa Caporale Realtor

    Empire Network Realty was the Best choice I made. I feel at home here and Mery is the reason I feel that way. She is a great leader and mentor. Thank you for everything you do.

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