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2031 K St Ste 100

Sacramento , CA 95811

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As a California native and a longtime Sacramento resident, I bring my passion for people and love of architecture to this wonderful industry. Come explore the beauty of Sacramento with me.

Get to know Michael D. Williams

Sacramento is a phenomenal place to live, and with the surge of new construction and redevelopment that has been reshaping the landscape, the air is electric. McMartin Realty, in the heart of Sacramento's thriving Midtown district, is the perfect place to experience and become a part of that electricity, both as a Realtor, and as a client. 

I specialize in residential listing and as a buyers agent. With over a decade in the customer service industry, I am here to prove that taking the plunge can be the most fun you have had in years. I have lived and worked in the Downtown and Midtown districts since day one.

I have also taken a particular interest in the Rosemont and Foothill Farms areas. I realize how far apart and distinct these areas are and I think that is why I am attracted to them.

Feel free to call or email if you are in the area. I love meeting new people and writing beautiful contracts together.

Have a great day.

Michael D.

"Always, In Your Corner"

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