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In 2006, we set out to fund large scale projects that would create jobs, positively impact the environment, and result in success for all parties concerned. It wasn't long after that, when the financial earthquake started to rumble in the US and then abroad, sending investors and other funding resources scurrying for the hills. Project plans were placed on-hold, and it has taken four years for some of the damage to subside enough to open doors, albeit cautiously, again.

During turmoil from 2007 until 2010, we discovered the real source for infrastructure project funding, along with the system of high-level, secretive banking systems used by nations around the world, to raise capital for projects.

As this is a business that requires a good, solid, relationship first, before any transaction can be done, we set about to build those relationships with the people in the inner sanctum of finance. It takes time to build a trusting, honest relationship, particularly when working with large sums of money and beyond. Funding projects all around the world, from 200 Million to dozens of Billions of dollars, must be done in a safe, confidential environment.

Our mission is to leave the world in a better place than we found it. Doing that takes character, strength, integrity, and the ability to piece together a puzzle that benefits everyone.


Michael Weiner Expertise

Our clients include ultra high-net-worth individuals and families who want to establish their very own private offshore international bank, taking them from being a client, to being an owner, with all of the associated privileges and benefits.

We work with Project Developers who have a great idea, a great business plan, and a great management team. These are the people who, with the funding necessary, can work magic in their fields of expertise. Humanitarian projects (i.e.-Job Creation) and Environmental "Green" Projects are our interest. Starting from 200 Million Euro and up, we currently are working to fund over 100 Billion in worldwide projects through a special funding program.

Our third core business leg is the creation of relationships where the owners and seller of bank paper are brought together with bonafide buyers, and a transaction can ensue when the level of trust and comfort is developed with the parties.


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Directly dealing with Principal Sellers of BG's and MTN's. Helping UHNW people form Private Offshore International Banks. Humanitarian Project Funding.
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