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Software Training that Helps Companies recoup tens (and sometimes hundreds) of thousands of dollars in lost productivity each year. I also help companies attract more #ideal clients online w/ SEO.

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What sets my team apart is this:  our hands on mortgage industry experience. We know all of the acronyms (GFE, 1003, DU, DO, TIL, RESPA, etc.)  We've worked with all of the major loan origination software programs (including Calyx, Byte, Genesis, and Encompass) and mortgage website providers. We understand the changes in the mortgage industry, and how it is affecting your business.

We help free up your time so that you can focus on your most productive, and profitable tasks.

We provide 100% accountability. Since we don't tie our clients into long-term contracts, we have to keep producing in order to keep your business.

We also provide 100% productivity. You only pay for the time we spend on projects.

A few of the costs you do not pay include:

Sick leave Vacation, Coffee breaks, Equipment and software upgrades, Training and continuing education.

Here's what other entrepreneurs say about working with a virtual administrative assistant.

Greatly freed me up to do more client consultations, and thus make more money. I throw something on the fax or email and she takes care of it and I can forget about it. Freedom from handling every detail myself. More focus and clarity on what's important for me and my business. Time to concentrate on more important things. More money. I get to do what I enjoy.

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