Mark William  Patush (Wilk Real Estate)
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Servicing Home Buyer's and Seller's in Greater Will County with Honesty. Integrity. and Fidelity. Not just words - They are my Credo! Call me and find out the difference.

Get to know Mark William Patush

My first real estate transaction as a buyer was a disaster! I felt used and cheated by my agent - As a matter of fact I didn't even feel like he represented me in the transaction at all! I vowed never to let that happen to me or any of my clients - ever! I take every deal very personally to ensure that my client is represented to the best of my ability. With over 10 years in environmental regulation and consulting, coupled  close inter-personal contact  the move to being a professional real estate agent  was a smooth and logical transition for me. Now begining my 10th year as a full time Real Estate Professional, I fully enjoy representing my clients with the utmost confidence that they are being represented by one of the best!


Never forgetting what is was like when I was buying my first home - the joy and anxiety rolled into a bundle of excitment and sometimes frustration. Often the whole process left me feeling exhausted. Unfortunately, my agent at the time was representing himself more than me in the transaction. I vowed never to let that happen to anyone that I could help. That is why I particularly enjoy working with first time buyers. I understand the emotions involved and the need for guidance over the areas that they may not understand. I believe most people will make the decisions best for themselves when given honest and complete information.  I pride myself on being knowledgeable and accessible for my clients. And, I so love making that first home purchase a wonderfully memorable experience.

The market is continually changing. And whether you realize it or not if you have not bought a home in the last few years - you are a first time buyer. The market is drastically different today from five, ten, or twenty years ago. Rules and regulations have gotten a lot more stringent. Marketing is conducted in a whole new way because of the internet and the many new tools available. You want an agent that is not only familiar with these avenues but one that excels. Call for a candid interview and find out what a difference my experience can make for you.

Like the ever changing Buyer's Market - Selling property - especially these days - necessitates not only current market knowledge - but also current marketing trends: i.e. internet exposure, virtual tours, professional networking. Being up to date on a professional level is the best way to garner the maximum return on the marketing and sale of your home. Having an agent that has years of experience is great. But, you absolutely need that Realtor to have current marketing knowledge. Too many professionals rely old avenues/technique or worse - on reputation alone. The market is changing exponentially requiring marketing technique to follow suit or risk being left in the past.

Marketing requires using the best avenues to maximize the exposure of the property to bring as many clients through as possible. I do my homework and follow the best marketing trends available in order to get my clients their maximum return on their greatest investment - their home.

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