Ken Dixon (Village Real Estate)

2206 21st Ave S # 200

Nashville , TN 37212

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Licensed Affiliate Broker with Village Real Estate specializing in MLS area 1, 2, and various rural areas. Experienced in non-traditional home loans.

Get to know Ken Dixon

The initial motivating factor for me to become a Real Estate Agent was in my experience as a first time home seller. Never in my life have I felt so alone in the middle of a process which I knew nothing about. Our Agent started out strong, told us exactly what we thought we wanted to hear, but once the Seller's Contract was signed it was all down hill. Eventually, it felt as if our Agent was trying to avoid us, and had placed other clients above us on their list of priority. It was an overwhelming and emotional experience during one of the most stressful and important times of my life. No one should feel the way my family and I felt when dealing with a real estate professional. Now that I am a licensed agent in my home town of Nashville and it is my responsibility to insure true CARE is given to all of my clients, I place a major emphasis on customer service before, during, and after closing. It is dishonest to sign a contract with a family agreeing to assist and walk them through the confusing process of buying or selling a home and then leave them hanging in the wind because you have other more lucrative contracts. What is the difference in a family buying or selling a $75,000 house and a family buying or selling a $3,000,000 mansion? If the word "commission" just ran through your head, you need to reevaluate your priorities, your morality, and the definition of the Fiduciary. All representation contracts are the same because the people those contracts represent are equally human, and equally deserving of the CARE the contract provides. 


The physical areas I specialize in are West End, Green Hills, Hillsboro, Bellevue, Antioch, and various rural locations. I am some what adventurous when it comes to assisting my buyer’s find appropriate financing, as the standard FHA/VA/ Conventional loans are not always the best option. My favorite alternate means of finance is the USDA Rural Development Direct Loan for Low to Very Low Income Families. This program truly makes the American dream attainable to everyone.