Nancy Sukits (Prudential Preferred Realty)
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BFF - Buyers Friend Forever Everyone needs a friend in real estate; an advocate, a confidant, a sounding board, and resource center. Just a little help from a friend.

Get to know Nancy Sukits

For for than half of my life I have been involved in Marketing and Event Planning... so why Real Estate? My career path was paved on the simple grounds that helping others is what I do.

As an Event Planner, I had to read people's minds to plan and execute an event that started as an idea or a dream. There is nothing like hearing, "Yes! This is exactly what I meant!" The flip side of my career has been in Marketing... and again... I needed to help promote a perspective, a thought, or a concept to others. If you are selling a home, you need me to market your house so that you can attract as many people to your door as possible. If you are a Buyer, you need me to find that particular house that is right for you. 

I branched out on my owns a few years ago to start a Personal Assistant business so that I could use all of my experiences and expertise to help others and quickly gained an Investment Management Company as a client, so I got my Real Estate license so that I could help my client get exactly what they wanted. The industry is contagious and I found that planning an event for someone and searching for a property takes the same principals; listening to your client and getting them what they want. Just being the person they need to do the things they don't have time to do, to answer questions, and to let them know that they have someone in their corner is what its all about for me.







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