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As Active Rainers know, the easiest way to build credibility and recognition is through writing. I support you with writing, editing, marketing, and design resources.

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To be successful in any aspect of the real estate business - Realtor, mortgage broker, builder, appraiser - you have to realize you have two jobs: the business you're in, and marketing the business you're in.

I specialize in the second part - teachng my clients to think like marketers.

As branding specialist Peter Montoya teaches, marketing and branding are not just about getting clients - the more important aspect is the client service that goes into keeping the clients.

Seth Godin was, perhaps, the first marketer to introduce the concept of "permission marketing," the idea of getting people's buy-in before we begin trying to market to them. This is particularly important today, when we are so overloaded with information as to have the messages literally bounce right off us like Teflon.

Think of it - how many marketing messages do you see or hear in a single day? TV commercials. Radio ads. Billboards. Text messages. eMail. Web site banners. Flyers. Posters. Movie theatres. Buses. Taxis. Vehicle wraps. Magazines. Newspapers. Newsletters. Restaurant menus and tabletops. Restroom stalls. Professional sports. Concert venues.

How on earth can you begin to set yourself apart, especially in a field as crowded as the real estate industry?

The simple answer: build authentic relationships based on your personality and your interests.

That's where I come in. I can help you use your own words, interests, ideas, creativity, and personality to their best effect to create relationships - and a marketing strategy - that work for you.


I have been trained as a writer my whole life, and have a full-service editing, marketing, design, and consulting practice. My mission is to empower others to recognize their own self-worth and enable them to share their knowledge and passions with the world, particulary through the vehicle of writing. I help my clients focus their marketing messages through self-published books, eBooks, articles, dynamic blogs, and Web sites. My goal is to fuel as many industry leaders as possible to share their solution-oriented messages — and to dismantle the self-sabotaging belief that they have to be trained writers in order to communicate well.

Honestly, all you have to do is (a) know what your message is, (b) who your audience is, and (c) why you are the perfect person to communicate your message. The rest — the editing, design, book production, marketing, etc. — is the easy part. But no one else on earth can manufacture the passion and knowledge that you, alone, possess.

A professional editor, writer, designer, and speaker with a BA in Nonfiction Writing from the University of Arizona, I have authored several exceptional workbooks, including eBooks Made Easy, Words Made Easy, Niching Made Easy, Self-Publishing Made Easy, Car Buying Made Easy, Handwriting Analysis Made Easy, and 1,001 Real-Life Questions for Women. I am an accomplished and effective public speaker with expertise in marketing, networking, credibility campaigns, creativity, brainstorming, and visualization.

Besides serving as speaker coordinator for the Phoenix Chapter of Shared Vision Network, I was Associate Editor of the online magazine, One Planet; President of the American Business Women’s Association’s Scottsdale Express Network; received her Competent Toastmaster certification from Toastmasters International; and was on the Executive Staff of VDAY Scottsdale, part of the international VDAY movement to end violence against women and girls.

Editorial Clients

Anna "Banana" Kruchten of Anna Banana Realty Samuel Asare of Laser Financial Group Sally Baker of Great Ideas PR Laura Bank Witte, author of Pearls of Wellness Kelly Damron, author of Tiny Toes Pam Hillyer of Vocal Intelligence, LLC Loretta Love Huff of Emerald Harvest Coaching Connie Kadansky of Exceptional Sales Performance Eileen Proctor of Top Dog Business Boosters Therese Skelly of Todd Smith of Southwest Financial Planning, LLC Joanne Tedesco of Arizona Networking News (holistic health newspaper) Scott White of

Speaking Clients

American Adoption Congress American Express Arizona Small Business Association ASU Downtown and ASU West City of Scottsdale White Mountain Regional Chambers “Gathering of Leaders”

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