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Get to know Bob Gibbons

REATA Commercial Realty, Inc. was founded by Bob Gibbons in 2004 to provide corporate real estate services.  After 20 years in the commercial real estate business representing landlords, he realized the knowledge and experience gained during this time would be invaluable to the corporate users of similar properties.

Critical benefit to clients:  Use 20 years of landlord experience to help the users negotiate to lease or buy property while the client continues to focus on their business.  Reata handles the entire process - property search, soliciting proposals, analyzing options, preparing tours, negotiating complex lease terms, and helping to coordinate attorneys, architects, general contractors, and other services.  That's why our motto is:

We Take Care of the Real Estate
So You Can Take Care of Business

Mr. Gibbons has been involved in all aspects of the commercial real estate business and held positions such as property manager, leasing agent, broker, construction manager, development project manager and asset manager.

Mr. Gibbons started his commercial real estate career while still a student at the University of Texas at Arlington (BBA Finance, 1985).  He worked for a subsidiary of a Belgian investment company in Dallas marketing large land tracts for sale, leasing and managing industrial buildings, participating on a brokerage team to assemble property for a large urban revitalization development in South Dallas, developing a residential subdivision, and negotiating zoning changes and land sales.

That was the mid-1980's.  When the Belgian company went into bankruptcy in 1988, he landed at Prentiss Properties - a national real estate investment trust focused on office and industrial properties.  During his 7.5 years there, he went from an assistant property manager to a regional manager handling properties from Austin to Milwaukee.  His clients included The Travelers Insurance Company, CIGNA, Teachers Retirement System of Texas, Invesco Realty Advisors, Acacia Realty Advisors, First Chicago, Koll Investment Management, Patriot American and IBM.

While with Prentiss he earned his MBA from the University of Dallas and his Certified Property Manager (CPM) designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).

In 1995, he joined CMD Realty Investors - a privately-held investment advisor and fund sponsor based in Chicago.  He was the Vice President of Leasing & Asset Management covering properties throughout Texas as well as Arizona and Virginia.  He negotiated over 5 million square feet (SF) of leases of over $400 million in value with deals ranging in size from 500 SF to180,000 SF.

While with CMD he earned his Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation from the CCIM Institute.

CMD went through a major restructuring and started selling many of its buildings in early 2004 which resulted in his lay off.  It was then that he founded REATA Commercial Realty, Inc.

Mr. Gibbons is a licensed Texas real estate broker and is a current member of the North Texas Commercial Association of Realtors (NTCAR), and the Texas and National Associations of Realtors (TAR & NAR).  He has formerly been a member of the Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA) and the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP).

Bob Gibbons Expertise

Our clients include every industry type you can think of - doctors, lawyers, high tech, insurance, retail, distribution, manufacturing, financial services, even residential real estate companies.  We only represent companies which user commercial properties for business purposes.  We have no landlord listings so we can be totally objective in the recommendations we make to our clients.  We handle all property types as well - office, warehouse, retail and medical.

At REATA Commercial Realty, Inc., we manage the entire process of searching for space for your company's needs.  We evaluate alternatives and negotiate the deal with the landlord or seller.  We help coordinate the attorneys, architects, general contractors, title companies, inspectors and others required to make your transaction happen smoothly and with minimal time and effort on your part.

We Take Care of the Real Estate
So You Can Take Care of Business

These are the typical steps in the process.  All may not be necessary in every case.

Lease AnalysisThis is simply a detailed review of your existing lease.  The goal is to be sure that you and the landlord are in compliance with the lease and to determine if there are any opportunities to exercise an option that would improve your position or save you money.

Expense AnalysisThis is an annual review of the costs of your lease to be sure that you have been billed accurately.  Leases typically allow the landlord to pass through some or all the expenses of operating the property to the tenants on a prorated basis.  Landlords budget for these expenses and collect the expected expenses throughout the year and then reconcile them after the end of the year.  Careful review of these bills is important to avoid paying too much.

Space Needs AnalysisThis is the first step in identifying what your corporate goals are, what kind of space is appropriate to for your needs, how much space you will need and how it is should be designed.  We consider the number of current and future employees, location of your employees and customers, how specific departments interact and what type of common functions and requirements will be needed.

Market SurveyWhen planning to negotiate, it is important to know the general market conditions before starting.  Knowing the market occupancy, rental rates, and which direction these are moving will all play a roll in determining our negotiating strategy.  And these will change from one submarket to another.

Property SurveyA survey of available properties that match your requirements.  This will include your existing building if a renewal is possible and other properties available for sale, lease and/or sublease as appropriate to your needs that may provide quality space at a significant discount.

Window TourA tour in which we stay in the car as we drive by a large number of buildings to get a feel for each building's location, access and image.  The goal is to narrow the list of prospective buildings quickly so you can then focus on only those buildings which really fit your needs.

Property TourA physical tour inside each building under consideration to get a more detailed understanding of its physical condition, image, amenities and suitability for your company.  This tour allows for a further cut to a short list of finalist properties.

RFP - Request for ProposalA detailed RFP is prepared by Reata and reviewed by you before it is sent to the short list of buildings under consideration.  Each RFP carefully outlines your requirements in detail and is sent to the landlords.  The landlords then return proposals which we analyze to further clarify the most suitable location for your company.  

Comparative Financial AnalysisThis is simply a comparison of the various proposals received in spreadsheet form.  This will also provide a basis for negotiation as we see what the various owners will offer.

Document ReviewA detailed review and analysis of the lease or purchase contract along with any other related documentation such as the work letter, option amendments, and guaranties.  This process includes both Reata as your broker as well as your real estate attorney.  If you don't have an attorney with extensive commercial real estate experience, Reata can recommend several good options.  We ensure all deal points are reflected in the jargon-heavy real estate records and that you are not left buried under a pile of confusing documentation.

CommissionZero paid by you!  Even though we represent you exclusively and are solely focused on your best interest, our fees are paid by the landlord or seller when a transaction is completed.  The fee is built into the lease rate or the sales price so why not have a professional represent you.

Disposing of Excess PropertyOccasionally, a company will find that it has more space than it needs to meet its needs.  This may be a result of reducing staff, moving operations to another location or changing property types required.  Regardless of the reason, it would save the company money if that excess property could be sold, subleased or disposed of in some way.  In these cases, we work with you to determine how that liability can best be reduced.

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Real Estate Advisor & Tenant Advocate - Office and Warehouse users. After representing landlords for 20 years, I switched sides in 2004 and now use that experience solely for the benefit of tenants.
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