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Portland , OR 97232

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I specialize in urban homes and condos in Portland Oregon. To learn more about myself and my real estate practice please visit at the following sites:

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---About Me: I have been in the real estate industry full time since 1998 and have consistently achieved top professional sales volume in my market. I have the experience and confidence to advise clients on all aspects of their real estate needs.

My Goal: To provide my clients with exceptional service and expertise at every step of the real estate transaction. I consider my real estate practice a "realty boutique" and strive for perfection in each and every transaction. To ensure exceptional service I only focus my efforts on a select group of buyers and sellers at any given time.

Personal Philosophy: Nothing is worth doing unless it is done to its fullest extent and perfection. This is the essence of my Personal Philosophy - hard work, integrity, dedication, passion and exceptional service.

My Commitment To My Clients:
- I guarantee that I will exceed your expectations at every step of the transaction
- I will take the "luxury" approach with every client regardless of the price range
- I deliver a client centered approach to all aspects of the sales process
- I will do my homework so you can feel confident that you are making an informed decision
- I provide each client with a unique strategy to achieve their goals
- I will keep your best interest in mind at all times
- I will be efficient at every step of the transaction to minimize your time commitment
- I will employ systems to manage your transaction ensuring that not even the smallest detail will be overlooked
- I have a trusted network of service professionals that provide unparallel service at competitive prices
- I will constantly keep informed on changes, educate myself and strive to achieve perfection in my profession
- I will use professional marketing pieces at all times
- I will constantly network with top industry professionals
- I will use the most up- to-date technology
- I will keep you informed on a consistent basis

Seller Services
My Goal is to sell your home at the highest possible price with the least amount of time on the market. By using proven marketing & sales strategies my plan maximizes market exposure increasing the odds of finding the right buyer for your home. I take the luxury approach to marketing and selling your home and not even the smallest detail will be overlooked.
- Every property is unique and will need a custom tailored marketing and sales plan in order to achieve maximum results. I commit to a professional individualized marketing and sales plan for each client.

· Customized Marketing Plans

 · Preparation For Sale

- I will consult with you on how to best prepare your home for the market, to minimize flaws and take advantage of its best features. If your home needs extensive pre-market consideration I will put you in touch with qualified professionals. · Internet Marketing Exposure - Most of today's buyers will begin their home buying research online. I utilize technology to its fullest extent in order to maximize your home's exposure on the internet. · Communication - Customized Transaction Management Reports will be e-mailed to you on a regular schedule. I will also customize a communication plan based on your needs so you can rest assured that nothing is overlooked. · The Details - Most of the work of a successful real estate transaction is behind the scenes. I have systems in place to manage all the details of your transactions for a seamless and stress free experience.

• My Commitment To You - When you hire me as your real estate professional you will get my personal commitment to the success of your transaction. A full list of my commitments and guarantees will be provided at the complementary consultation.