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We are a private group of Commercial Hard Money, Private Money, Hedge Fund, PPP and Commercial Joint Equity Venture Funders. SKYPE me: sblc.financing

Get to know SBLC Financing

The SBLC Financing Team is a Direct Conduit to Private Lenders and Trade Groups Worldwide. We arrange private money loans for Raw Land, Joint Venture/ Equity Funding, Green projects, Bridge Loans, Industrial Properties, Unusual Properties and more.

First is the easy one... "Our Hybrid Trade Funding" Self-Fund your project where others fail.

Show us cash, real estate, investor capital or an instrument i.e. and SBLC from a (AA) or (AAA) Rated Bank that can be verified and we can become very creative and can move quickly.

We like to see 10% of the projects funding request. If you do not have that amount available, but you can raise $6 million, we can still look at getting your project funded in about 4-5 months. Utilizing an SBLC and a Trade Desk could increase your money substantially every 4-6 weeks. It is as simple as.... The more you have to invest, the faster the funding process.


You can utilize an additional strategy with this and use some of these proceeds to pay off the existing debt on the projects real estate. You can then use the real estate in the land trust structure and gain additional credit by issuance of a Trust Note and placement with our Trade Desk. We offer a method where you will leverage your investment dollars. There are no fees attached to our program, and there is no loan to pay back. Within a short period of time you will actually self-fund your project.

Second one is a "Non-Conventional Joint Venture Options."

When traditional lending options don't work and you just don't have cash, we are here to help. We offer a Non-Conventional Joint Venture Commercial Lending Program that specializes in "large scale" lending for real estate development both International and National.

The concept behind this structure is to break down the individual components of the traditional capital stack (equity / risk factor/ construction / permanent). What is left is a single facility that bears a resemblance to both the equity and debt components, with an optimization of benefits for both the lender and the borrower.

Just look at these unheard of Funding Solutions most with No Maximum Limit

Option 1

$1 Billion Minimum
Funding Source - well know US pension fund

100% debt funding including acquisition and soft costs for projects of $1B or more. Utilizing government guarantees and pension funds you've never seen a stronger verifiable funding source for your super-jumbo commercial loans.

Option 2

$2 Million Minimum
Funding Source - UAE Private Fund

100% debt funding with light qualifications from our Dubai fund that requires a refundable and insured 10% cash deposit. Utilizing their own collateral this one lends at rates beginning at LIBOR plus 2%.

Option 3

$10 Million min
Funding Source - Established US Hedge Fund

100% equity funding has a similar 10% cash deposit OR it will provide the 10% cash deposit for you from another fund making it true 100% funding this one lends at LIBOR plus 1.5%. Requires 30% equity in the project. This is by far the cheapest option when it comes to funding and due diligence costs.

Option 4

$10 Million Minimum

100% equity funding for construction IF the land is owned free and clear. Requires 30% equity in the project.

Option 5

$1Million or less min
Funding Source - Private Investors & Pension Fund Alliance

100% Pure Equity or debt and equity from international investors and USA pension funds. Requires 20-50% typical equity in the project for the equity portion.

Option 6

$5 Million Minimum
Funding Source - Commercial Lenders

***NOTE: On Application, All Hedge Fund Options pay USD $600 per Borrower to cover cost of various FBI and Interpol background checks.

On acceptance of CLOC, All Borrowers pay Up to USD $15,000. This is a earnest money deposit and required on all Projects (Refundable on closing) Actual amount stated in CLOC

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Monetize your instrument for cash. Monetize your instrument and trade. We will monetize any real instrument or just about any SKR. We will take in: SBLC, BG, MTN, T-Bills, T-Notes or T-Strips.

Monetization is the process of converting something into legal tender. It usually refers to the printing of banknotes by banks, but things such as gold, silver and diamonds and land or mines can also be monetized. We do like to see a SKR with these hard assets.

We even have a program that will get you a Instrument against your asset for trade.

We will even look at Leased Instruments.

To go forward we will need these questions answered.

Is the Instrument owned or leased?
Do you have copy of the Instrument?
Where is it now?
Where is it lodged?
What is the use of funds for?
Are you just looking to have it monetized or are you open to Trade?

We need the following:

1. Executive summary for use of funds. How did you acquire the instrument and exit strategy etc...
2. Front and back copy of the instrument... even the blank pages.
3. Phone number and Name of individual where who we can call to confirm where the instrument is lodged. SKR is nice too if available.
4. Bio on the client and if he has a company a bio on that too!

To start the process... we will email you a simple application/CIS and then require the items above.

For more information email us at:

At this point we will give you full Terms and Fees after full package has been reviewed.

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