Ashok nullShoookienull Singh (REALTY EXPRESS LaBarbera)

210 Washington St

Hoboken , NJ 07030

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I specialize in luxury rentals in NYC, residential home sales in The Mid Hudson Valley and Sales in New Jersey!

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I have been in the Real Estate industry for the past  six years.  If your preference is New York, I can help, if your preference is New Jersey, I can help, as I am dually licensed agent in New York AND New Jersey.  I am a luxury leasing specialist in NYC concentrating on Chelsea and lower Manhattan, but I work well in all parts of the city; in the Mid Hudson Valley I specialize in Residential home sales in the Orange, Rockland, Sullivan, Westchester, Putnam and Ulster Counties.

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I would love to help you find your next rental in NYC, or perhaps you're tired of the city and want to move to New Jersey or beyond...I can help!  I enjoy working with first time renters/buyers.  Renting a new apartment in a new city can be a scary task, there are so many different area, do I want to be uptown, do I want to be downtown, do I want a Flex 1 or a stduion, do I want a luxury building, is there a Valet in building "x," how much income do I have to have.  These are all questions that I can answer and help you with.

I am unlike other Realtors in that I will show you ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want to see, whether it's Alcove's in Chelsea or Flex 2's in the Financial District, to one bedroom's in Gramercy or the East Village, or the tranquility of Roosevelt Island.  I don't limit the areas to view or the number of apartments to see--you are the boss.  I understand that NYC is a big city and there are many choices, in most cases your commitment will be 12-14 months, so you should feel comfortable where you decide to move to.

All of the above applies to buying a home also, even moreso since now we are talking about a bigger commitment.  I can guide you through the entire process from finding the home, making the offer, inspecting the home, getting the loan, and finally closing the deal.