Roxanne Swan (Swan Home Staging and Design)

North St Paul , MN 55109

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We come in with buyers' eyes and stage the home to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible by maximizing its potential.

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With staging we will:

Create immediate buyer interest Enhance the home to sell more quickly De-clutter furnishing to maximize perceived space Enhance curb appeal We offer help to organize and beautify the space Enhance architectural features or natural assets Enhancing your MLS photo's to attract higher number of potential buyers to come see your home Have more satisfied buyers which means less chance of a deal falling through

Staging your home for sale is like throwing a party. Your most important guest will be each potential buyer that comes through the door. The more effort you put into your house ready to sell, the better it will show. Homes that have been decorated purely for the purpose of selling stand out against comparable properties and look great on the websites and in photos.Woud you try to sell your vehicle after driving through mud or a dirt road? NO!You would have it detailed first. That's why you need to do the same for your home before selling.



While growing up my passion for design was encouraged and motivated by my mother and I have carried that with me through today. I enjoy creating floral arrangements with a modern twist, which will make any area have new life breathed into it. I have a passion for organizing and making chaos into the perfect and workable design. Long before I acquired my double certification of Home Staging and Design, I was a House Manager for 12 years, which has allowed me to bring my experience of organizing, de-cluttering and decorating to the table.


I have always had a passion for being artistic and working with color. When looking for ways to utilize my passion, this decision to do Home Staging and Design became so easy. I have always had a niche for design. While studying for my double certification of Home Staging and Design, the enthusiasm became something that motivated me to assist my friends and family with any of their needs when it came to redesigning their home. This career allows me to combine so many interests of mine. I can look at any room and instantly paint a mental picture of what the room needs to bring out its personal beauty.

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