Steven Webster (Florida Workforce Housing Network)
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Florida Workforce Housing Network is a group blog that focuses on news about affordable housing in Florida.

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I am editor of Florida Workforce Housing Network, a community blog that advocates for affordable housing in Florida and focuses on news and announcements. We are nor Realtors, but we hope to help Realtors sell affordably-priced homes throughout the state. Soon, we will launch a new 'blog' that will serve as a marketing portal for affordably-priced homes. If we are successful, we intend to launch a national version. Florida Workforce Housing Network is a totally independent community service effort. We do not accept advertising, grants, contributions or work assignments.

In my 'day job,' I am a public relations professional for one of the largest PR firms in the southeast. We represent more than 60 clients, about half of whom are home builders, community developers and Real Estate service companies, including two of Florida's largest. That firm, Larry Vershel Communications, Inc., has launched a similar commercial 'blog' to publicize its clients' efforts.

We welcome any and all comments. The Florida Association of Realtors is a major supporter of affordable housing efforts in Florida.

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