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I am a Virtual Assistant working as an independent contractor with Team Double Click-SM.  I also serve as a career counselor for an innovative technology certification company called National Institute of Webographers, LLC.  They offer a real estate technology certification program calle Real Estate Webographer.  Any independent agent or agency/brokerage looking to upgrade their in-house training program should seriously take a look at this program as an all inclusive technology training for their office or themselves.  Speaking from a VA and TC perspective, I would consider this training invaluable for myself and the agents who want to use the most up to date web technology to rise above their competition.

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My services although not limited to real estate, are geared toward serving an agents needs by freeing them of the mundane tasks that tie them to the office, thus keeping them from making contacts and selling homes.  I can do anything from scheduling/coordinating inspections and appointments, to keeping listings current on the agent website, to preparing images and paperwork needed to close a transaction.  The only thing I can't do for you is make your coffe and file actual paperwork!  But with online transaction management, I can help you move into a paperless transaction and save you time and money and your client's privacy!  (No more important documents in the car?) 

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