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Residential, Construction, and Rehab Lending

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Here is how I live it out:

Does It Make Sense:  A simple test of does it make sense, is it feasible?  And, if this is short term, what's the exit strategy?  Which option is the "best" one, making the most sense?  

Communication:  At least weekly updates for all parties, more if the transaction requires it.

Reducing Landfill:  A monthly mortgage statement with the best rate and fee structure available is a great reminder of my services.  Incessant postcards, vapid newsletters, rubber-stamped holiday cards, bad-tasting cookies and flat balloons employed to manipulate top of mind awareness are not a priority.  I maintain contact, but in selective ways.     

A Network:  If a need is uncovered while working with my clients, from painting to estate planning, I have a network of professionals to whom I can refer my clients with confidence.

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