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Living the Dream in Mazatal Mountain Airpark in Payson, AZ
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Living the Dream in Mazatzal Mountain Airpark in Payson, AZThe dreams that people have for their lives are often directly related to their deepest passions. Those who love mountain climbing, for example, may dream of living in a comfortable cabin perched high up on a rugged cliff, while those who love surfing or swimming might dream of a quiet beachfront cottage in a warm, tropical setting.For those who love to fly, however, it is unlikely they would dream of living on an airplane constantly in flight. The next best thing would no doubt be setting up residence in a friendly community with its own airstrip, where you could fly back and forth to anywhere in the world at any time you please, parking your airplane in your own personal hangar any time you are at home enjoying your beautiful luxurious abode.While some dreams are destined to remain only that, this vision of the good life can actually become a reality. All around the country there are thousands who have discovered the joys of airpark living, and some of the luckiest of them have settled in toLiving the Dream in Mazatzal Mountain Airpark in the town of Payson, Arizona.Location, Location, LocationPayson is a town located inside the largest Ponderosa Pine forest existing anywhere in the world. But this is only a part of the gorgeous background that frames daily life in this part of Arizona. Payson is situated on the base of the Mogollan Rim, and at an elevation of approximately 5,000 feet it is nestled among mountainous landscapes that sparkle in the fresh, clean air of central Arizona. With its wonderful scenery and four-season climate with mild winters, this location is like a dream all by itself. The fact that one of the most attractive airparks in the United States can be found here is a testimony to the insight of Mazatzal Mountain's creators, who clearly understood what kind of setting would be most attractive to those who would be drawn to airpark living. Payson is also a great place for an airpark because it is only 75 miles from Phoenix and 50 miles from Sedona, so residents have ample opportunity to see and experience much that the state of Arizona has to offer.Life at MazatzalWhile its location is ideal, ultimately it is the Mazatzal Mountain Airpark itself that draws people in. Mazatzal was built adjacent to the Payson Airport, and while this fly-in community lacks a private runway its residents have full access to the airport's well-maintained runway and fuel stations. Residents can land their planes and taxi to their private hangars with maximum convenience, as Mazatzal has been designed to be as user and resident friendly as is humanly possible. This airpark is smaller than most, and it has a cozy aura that dovetails perfectly with the majestic mountain setting that has made Payson such a glorious place to live.Customized homes at Mazatzal are constructed on half-acre lots, and the number of lots available in recent years has expanded to make room for new residents. In addition to these lots, private homes already finished do come up for sale; and while anyone interested in purchasing a lot or a house will not have unlimited choice, in most instances after some investigation interested parties will find openings at Mazatzal. Lots with utilities usually start at less than $150,000, while finished custom homes with private hangars are generally in the $600,000 or higher range. Homeowners fees are never charged, there are no associations to join or dues to pay, and because Mazatzal residents rely on airport facilities no airport maintenance fees need be paid.Dreams Do Come TrueFor those who love flying and are ready to pursueLiving the Dream in Mazatzal Mountain Airpark in the town of Payson, Arizona with other airplane enthusiasts, there are many communities around the United States that have openings. But for those who would like to live quietly in a truly enchanted setting, Mazatzal Mountain Airpark in Payson, Arizona is definitely worth, Shane M. Cook Entreprenuer, Realtor, Investor Let me help you put the power of technology to work for you!
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