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Cold Feet Or Hot Flashes?
Karen Fiddler, Broker/Owner, Orange County & Lake Arrowhead, CA (949)510-2395 (Karen Parsons-Fiddler, Broker 949-510-2395)
Cold Feet Or Hot Flashes? I've been working with a lovely woman for the past couple of months. She was pretty hard to get a feel for in the beginning. There were a few types of homes that would make her happy. The key was unusual....and it didn't matter if it were a Mid-Century Modern or Anaheim Historic District Tudor. I have to say that I love looking at this kinds of homes. LOVE! I also became very fond of my client quickly. She has a spark and a sense of humor that made house hunting fun. I couldn't wait to show her new listings and was even more interested to know what she would choose. We finally found the "perfect home" for her. The home is a Craftsman Bungalow in the heart of the Anaheim Historic District. It also is already a Mills Act Home, which is great. The Mills Act of California provides for a 85% discount (that's right, discount) on property taxes for homes which maintain the look of their original time period. From the street, it could have been built in the 1930s. We were cruising to the close and then I lost touch with her. Just for a few days. We had done everything we needed to do, but the non-response to my similes were making me nervous. Because she had fallen for several styles of homes during our search, I wasn't sure if the Craftsman home was her favorite. Finally, a few days later, she called me. She apologized right up front and said: "I'm so sorry...I'm fine. I guess it was just.....(pause)" "Cold feet?" I offered. "No..more like hot flashes!!!" And then she giggled. Ok, that's a first! Not sure what to do about that! LOL
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How to Qualify For a Real Estate Short Sale - Anaheim CA
Todd & Devona / Garrigus Real Estate Group, Southern California REALTORS® (HomeSmart Professionals)
Check out our website ---> California Short Sale Agents REAL ESTATE SHORT SALE FORMULA (Read this article first, then click on the link above) Do I Qualify for a Real Estate Short Sale in Anaheim CA? So you're considering a real estate short sale for your Anaheim, California Home….. Either you are near default or have already missed mortgage payments, and you are undoubtedly under-water on what you owe on the Anaheim home compared to what it is currently worth. We see this every day from people of all aspects of life and economic backgrounds. We know it's a difficult and daunting position to be in. We know there is so much information out there that its difficult to decipher what is correct, and what isn't.... and who to trust. We also know its embarrassing. We've been in similar situations ourselves, and we'd like to discreetly help you avoid foreclosure and get out from that upside-down Anaheim CA house now, at no charge to you. In fact, if your circumstances are right, we may be able to get you up to $30,000 in the process. Who Are We and Are We For Real? We ARE for real, and we are licensed, legal and ligitimate. Our real estate license numbers are 01844441, and 01844442. Take these numbers and go to the California Department of Real Estate's website here, click on Verify a License, and check our license numbers for validity. We work for Coldwell Banker Kivett-Teeters, a highly respected real estate brokerage that's been in business for decades. We handle 20 to 30 Short Sale Listings and Sales per month, and yes we successfully close 95% plus of our short sales! We are for real, and we work hard for our clients... Let us work hard for you... So let's talk... Call Us Now: (888) 9-List-It. That's (888) 954-7848. How to Qualify For a Real Estate Short Sale - Anaheim CAGARRIGUS REAL ESTATE GROUP Serving Riverside & San Bernardino Counties Todd & Devona Garrigus/REALTORS® HomeSmart Professionals 888-9-LIST-IT 951-490-3698 Direct for Todd 951-490-3683 Direct for DevonaGarrigusRealEstate@yahoo.comwww.GarrigusRealEstate.netCheck out our website for useful info & tools! CalBRE License # - 01844441,  01844442
Garrigus real estate
Devona Garrigus, 1 (888) 9-LIST-IT (Coldwell Banker Kivett-Teeters)
SHORT SALE ANAHEIM CA REAL ESTATE SHORT SALE AGENTS - ANAHEIM CA Times are tough, and many distressed homeowners in Anaheim California are having trouble paying their mortgages every month. Are you one of them? Are you behind on your mortgage payments now? Are you in danger of missing a mortgage payment? Don't let foreclosure happen to you- explore the Anaheim CA Short Sale Option instead, but don’t wait; the biggest killer of the short sale negotiation is waiting until it’s too late to process the short sale. You’re also going to want to hire the best Anaheim CA Short Sale team in Southern California to help you with your difficult situation, at NO CHARGE TO YOU! We do not charge you for our real estate short sale services: we collect our commission from the bank’s proceeds. You pay nothing to us- EVER! We are Anaheim CA short sale real estate agents/REALTORS. We have invaluable experience with California short sales, listings, negotiations and sales. We have relationships with dozens of the nation's largest mortgage lenders and banks. Whether you have one, two or more mortgage loans, we are able to offer you options. Our Anaheim CA Short Sale Agent team assists home owners throughout Southern California. If you have questions about short sales, how they work and the myriad of opportunities AND pitfalls a short sale can provide you, call us now. We can answer your important questions and provide you with an in-depth look at the short sale process. We tell it like it is and if a Anaheim CA short sale is the best course of action for your individual situation (and many times a Anaheim CA Short Sale is not our recommendation). We will give you honest assistance with your best interests in mind. Having the right Anaheim CA short sale team assisting you can mean the difference between devastating foreclosure, or a fresh start. GARRIGUS REAL ESTATEForeclosure Agent/REALTOR & Short Sale SpecialistsSERVING RIVERSIDE & SAN BERNARDINO COUNTIESColdwell Banker Kivett-Teeters  <--- Check out our website for useful info and tools!Devona Garrigus / DRE License # 01844441 IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE in compliance with the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION ("FTC") MORTGAGE ASSISTANCE RELIEF SERVICE ("MARS"): Before using this service, consider the following information - Coldwell Banker Kivett-Teeters Associates are not associated with the government and our services are not approved by the government. Seller acknowledges that the Broker/Agent is not qualified to provide financial, legal or tax advice regarding short sale transactions. Therefore, the seller is advised to obtain professional tax advice and consult independent legal counsel immediately regarding the tax implications and advisability of entering into a short sale agreement with their lender/servicer. If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home and damage your credit rating.
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"Happy New Years" To all of you. Make your family the trail of your success
Lupe Medina & Oscar Matamoros (RE/MAX Metro Real Estate Services)
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Lease back from the banks?????
Lupe Medina & Oscar Matamoros (RE/MAX Metro Real Estate Services)
San Francisco Chronicle: Legitimized leasebacks picking up momentumBy Carolyn Said11/11/2009Last week, Fannie Mae announced its new "Deed for Lease" program, which allows homeowners in default to lease their home from the lender in exchange for signing over their deed. Now housing advocates and some political leaders say the concept should be expanded further. They hope the government will prod banks to follow Fannie Mae's lead, and they propose leases of three to five years followed by the option to buy back the home. This is not as simple as it seems. Signing up a Deed back to the bank can bring complications, such as living the homeowners open for big liabilities on their mortgage delinquency if they are not able to negotiated a delinquency waiver and have it recorded settle as agree without any recourse in favor of the homeowner. Home owner should seek professional advice before getting in to any lease agreement and signing their Deed. Would the bank accept a lease option for 3 or 5 years at today's market value????. If they would, why are they not lowering their balance when offering  a loan Modification? Is this another trap for the homeowner? We know that for years the banks have try to get in to real estate and to have control not just on the lending, but also on the sale of your home. I see this as a way to allow the market to have an up correction while bank's recuperate the property values and foreclose on the homeowners as they get the opportunity. Why you in the right mine lease a home from your bank after you have sign over  the Deed on your property and be compromise for 3 or 5 years  just to find out that you steel do not qualify for the purchase price, as most homeowner did not qualify on the original purchase. Yes they did, on a low interest only rate programs, an adjustable interest rates or the famous option payment plan. This is just another move by Fannie Mae and the housing advocates and some political leaders to continuo to find a correction for their own private interest and having no regards for the citizens. As Thomas Jefferson ones wrote: The day when the banks control Real Estate the sons and daughter of the citizens will be homeless. We are fighting over the Health care propose by the Administration, Words in Afghanistan and Iraq, and we are forgetting the one subject that we are losing in our back yard, a word that is been neglected by our politicians that have only one interest, who is going to be the greater contributor to their campaign. I am not a professional writer or have a great command of the English language but I am so  P.... about our current housing situation that helps' me get courage to write as a voice of discontent Oscar Matamoros RE/MAX Metro Realty
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October 17: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
Lupe Medina & Oscar Matamoros (RE/MAX Metro Real Estate Services)
October 17: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty The United Nations designated this day to promote awareness of the need to eradicate poverty and destitution in all countries, particularly in developing countries - a need that has become a development priority. At the Millennium Summit, world leaders committed themselves to cutting by half by the year 2015 the number of people living in extreme poverty - people whose income is less than one dollar a day. My take on this subject. 2009 (14-16 May) at the Astir Palace resort in Athens, Greece The Bilderberg Group Meeting in secrecy to plot or plan the future of many nations and by a select number of politicians, bankers, and directors of large businesses. I can almost assure you that poverty is  a concern when these group that represent the wealthiest  of the world get's together to check on their back accounts. Would you think they were thinking about the housing market and how well it is going for them?.
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Banks owning our homes!!!!.
Lupe Medina & Oscar Matamoros (RE/MAX Metro Real Estate Services)
Every day I get up and go to work I have to face with the reality. How can we let this happen? Banks owning our homes!!!!. "Ye who have the gold make the rules" or how do that goes? We cannot longer feel secure that we will have a job tomorrow, some like us are making good that we can't really see it. We are been shut down from every angle by our government who is giving the Banks more power and less regulations. Now Banks by asking homeowners to call when listing their home on a short sale (Pre-foreclosure), as Bank Of America did to some of my clients, have the opportunity to probe the homeowners and ask them if they are interested in given up their home. This individual at the bank was short of asking my client for a DEE-IN-LIEU. We know that this will carry greater risk and homeowners are expose if they agree to take this path without getting legal advice. If the buyers is not advice by the bank to seek for legal consultation he (the homeowner) will probably commit himself to a voluntary negotiation that he will not understand living himself open for more damages'. We should not let our clients expose to this abuse. This will be like having our home been broken in and hiring the thief to come over to install our home alarm. My advice is to do a 3 way calling; by this time you should have an authorization by the homeowner in the Banks' system, get him ready in what to expect from the bank when making this call, have his finances and gross income ready. When they know that I am in listening they have not ask my client if he is interested in givin up his or her home. Read more about Deed in lieu of foreclosure on Wikipedia
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