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2014 Chinese New Year Festival in Fresno
Carole Jacoby, Residential and Relocation Specialist in Fresno (Carole Jacoby & Co. Real Estate)
2014 Chinese New Year Festival in Fresno The Chinese Year of the Horse officially began on January 31st.  But it's not too late to start the party.  Fresno Chinatown is celebrating with a 2014 Chinese New Year Festival in Fresno this Saturday, March 1st and everyone is invited to attend. What: 2014 Chinese New Year Festival in FresnoWhere: Fresno Chinatown, 914 F StWhen: Saturday, March 1st 10am to 3pmCost: FREEContact: Fresno Chinatown (559) 201-8696 The 2014 Chinese New Year Festival in Fresno festivities begin at 10am in the very heart of Fresno Chinatown.  Dr. Joseph Castro, Fresno State's President, serves as Grand Marshall this year.  This family-friendly festival includes lots of great Chinese food, tons of activities to keep the little ones entertained, dozens of local Fresno area merchants, music and much, much more.  Don't miss the Chinese New Year parade at 12pm.  If you've never seen one, you're in for a real treat.  After the 2014 Chinese New Year Festival in Fresno, visit the CCBA Auditorium (949 Waterman Ave) from 2pm to 3:30pm to continue the festival fun. All of the exciting activities that are part of the 2014 Chinese New Year Festival in Fresno are provided absolutely free of charge to the public.  Celebrate the Year of the Horse in Fresno Chinatown.  It's something the entire family can learn from and enjoy. FEATURED CLOVIS HOME FOR SALE For more info on this and other homes for sale in the area, please visit my Clovis/Fresno Real Estate website. Carole Jacoby, your Fresno/Clovis real estate expert Originally posted on my Clovis-Fresno real estate blog here: with Carole Jacoby Real Estate       
Chinatown Parade - Celebrating the Year of the RAT in Fresno Ca
Randy "Lazarus" McAtee, Owner/Broker, Lazarus Realty, Fresno California (Lazarus Realty)
Saturday last there was a parade in Fresno's Chinatown.  ITS THE YEAR OF THE RAT.  I'm thinking that this creature to the left is maybe supposed to be a rat - but I dont know.  You would think that if its the YEAR OF THE RAT that they would be parading a RAT, but this thing doesnt look anything like a rat to me.  More like a catapillar.  I would have asked someone who was chinese but the only chinaman I met that was willing to speak to me (last pic) couldnt speak English.  All he said to me was "too old. 89".  I tried to approach another asian gentleman but he seemed to deliberately avoid me. Maybe because I was carrying my camera - who knows?  Oddly, the event seemed to be dominated by Hispanics.  Even after the parade when I went to the food booths, I dont recall seeing any Chinese food being offered.  I ended up buying a hot dog from Hispanic woman.  Go figure.   There were lowriders in their modified hopping machines (photo to right).   And then there  were high riders on  horses.  The one  pictured here (left,below) is proudly displaying the Mexican  flag.  I really dont have a problem with that, but I  will say that I  did live in Mexico for  6 months,  deep in the interior in a little town called San Juan Del Rio i n Durango Mexico, in the early 70's and if I would have walked around  sporting an  American flag one of those cowboys would of shot  me sure enough.  I did manage to find one little girl dressed in a  Chinese outfit for the occasion but she too was Hispanic.(That's her dad)         Fresno has a large East Indian population but I didnt see a single one at the parade.  The closest thing I saw to India being represented was one of Fresno's newest businesses, which serves as strong reminder that America is gradually descending into third world status: THE RICKSHAW DRIVERS.  The main difference between the Indian rickshaw driver and the American rickshaw driver is the Indian driver prudently establishes the cost of his service upfront whereas the American ones simply work for tips.  Oh, and some American rickshaws come with electric power-assist.           The main reason I went to this parade though was to see the new breed of highly trained military photo journalist or Combat Cameramen.These uniformed paparazzi endure rigorous training to enable them to perform with extreme speed to CAPTURE THE MOMENT.  Speaking of which I just happened to catch them in one of their training exercises where they stoop down real fast to take their shot.  Their Sargent was shouting "I'm your subject, SNAP MY FACE!"  I could hear the Sargent yelling: "WHEN YOU CAPTURE THE PERFECT MOMENT, ITS LIKE WALKING ON AIR!"  I was shaking my head saying, "you got that right brother!"This man was kind enough to allow me to take his picture which is my favorite capture of the day:  © Randy "Lazarus" McAteeBroker/Owner Lazarus Realty in Fresno CA
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